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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Last Day in Orland

I'm ready to leave. It's just too hot here to suit me. I did a weather check for comparison, and today in Orland the temps ranged from approx. 97/64. Tomorrow at Lassen the highs & lows will be about 77/44, and that is more my kind of weather.

I didn't have too much to do today. There is so much dust and dirt flying around that everything is coated with grit. I cleaned and dusted this morning, but it doesn't seem like it this afternoon, and I can't tell you what my beautiful black Ford looks like! I just went out for some errands and brought back a pizza so I've had an early supper, and when it cools down a bit I will empty the waste tanks and put the hoses away.

John, the mobile RV guy, brought over a connection for my fresh water hose, and put a new cap on the outdoor electrical outlet. I'm glad to have those two things done before I get somewhere that will be more difficult to get service. I looked at the hardware store for a reclining lawn chair - nothing found, and went to Kragen auto parts for something to allow me to use both the GPS and the Pressure Pro. The few things they had that served the purpose would take up so much space, nonexistent on the truck dashboard, or would have wires hanging. I'll just make do without it until I can get something I'm satisfied with. The truck dashboard is another story: It is a big dash, but very little usable space is available. I wonder if anyone makes a dashboard that is straight across the top, and straight down the front. It don't mean boxy, but just in a straight or slanted line, rather than all the little steps and bends that make the biggest part of the dash unusable. There isn't a space enough to mount the Pressure Pro Monitor, so until I figure something out it is stored in the console along with the GPS.

I frequently read blogs where the writer says how they don't like to cook the day they arrive at a destination, so they prepare something in advance. I always think to myself, DUH, why don't I do something like that. Well today I did. I cooked a couple of chicken breasts with potatos, carrots, celery and onions, thickened the juice into a tasty gravy, and I have enough for two meals. And since I rarely eat out except with my kids, I bought a pizza in town and brought it home. That satisfies my craving for pizza for another 6 months!

I still have to drive back to the Sportsman's Market and fuel up, get beer and ice, and possibly top off a propane tank. I say possibly because I hate to even think of dragging that tank out and into the truck, and then reversing the whole ordeal, especially in this heat. I didn't run the generator all that much last weekend so I hope I didn't use much propane, but I'd like to start off with two full tanks.

I hope that I will have cell phone and air card coverage for the days I'm at Manzanita Lake, so if I do I'll be writing an entry tomorrow. If not, then I'll see ya when I see ya! Everybody take care.


  1. Gypsy -
    Safe travels to you. We look forward to seeing you when we see you in Lassen and catching up on your adventures.
    Take care,
    Natasha and Boris

  2. Have a great time gypsy.

    Stay Safe
    John and Bridget.

  3. Have a wonderful trip, Gypsy...Another adventure for you!

  4. Take care Gypsy & we'll catch you on the flip side......Stay safe:))

  5. Hi Gypsy,

    I finally got all caught up on your traveling blog and I love it! Hope you enjoy your work-camping experience.

    Could your problem with your laptop be caused by Gateway and not Vista? I have had Vista for 2 years with no problems at all. My laptop is an HP. Maybe that is the difference.

    My Hubby has the same problem with the overhead doors in the bedroom of our fiver. He whacks himself about once a week.

    Safe travels and I will check in often to read your blog. :) Pidge

  6. I can't wait to hear about your workcamping experience. Have a great time and post when you can. Be safe.

  7. Have a great and safe trip, Gypsy. Don't forget us in the rv-dreams chat room.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  8. ooops,... I missed your last day before you took off,... I wanted to wish you safe traveling and to most of all,.. enjoy yourself! I look forward to hearing how things are going.

  9. I hope you will blog again soon. I miss your writing. I sure admire you for hooking up and driving that big rig. Hope you have a good time work-camping.