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Monday, May 11, 2009

Les Schwab . . .

. . . is my new best friend! You may remember that on last week's trip to Sacramento I had a very low front right tire on my truck. Just before leaving there I went to a local Les Schwab to get air in it. This morning when I was getting ready to come back to Orland I looked at the tire to find it had lost air again. I thought I could make it back the 100 or so miles, but my daughter insisted I get air on the way out of town. I decided to get fuel at Safeway near their house (best price on diesel), and put air in the tire. After I had filled the fuel tank and was getting ready to go over to the air pump I heard someone calling my name. It turned out that Donald (my son-in-law) had followed me to the station to help me with the tire. God bless him! It isn't as easy to pump up a tire to 85#, as I mentioned in a previous post, as on a regular car or SUV tire.

After dropping the dogs off at the campground I immediately went to Les Schwab and they took a look at it. A little while later they told me it was ready to go - they replaced the valve stem that had gone bad. No charge. This is the 3rd Les Schwab I've dealt with since fulltiming and I have been really pleased with the way I've been treated, the service I've received, and the amount it has cost me. So now I'm a fan for life. I plan on getting the 4 new tires for the 5th wheel the last week in May, and I was dreading the news that I might have to replace two more tires on the truck. That would have made 10 tires in 6 months, and 8 tires in the same time is bad enough.

I wrote a bit yesterday about the problems Jeannie had and how thankful I was that I heeded the voice in my head and drove to Sacramento, and was there to help them out with watching Autumn during their brief hospital trip. It seems that Donald had to go to give the staff some information, and when they asked him if he wanted someone to come to Jeannie's room to pray, he thought it must be pretty serious. Then they asked him if Jeannie had signed an advanced directive, and he was horrified to think both she and the baby were in such danger. Then the nurse told him he could go into the room to see her, and she was bawling - with joy because she had just found out everything was ok. But after what he had been given to think, and then to see her crying her eyes out, he nearly had a heart attack himself, poor guy.

Then they came home and he grilled the most wonderful steaks, shrimp, mushrooms & asparagus, and he had also made chocolate covered strawberries. He gave me a box of them for Mother's Day, and here is a picture after I had eaten a couple.

After dinner he and Jeannie went to deliver a box of strawberries for all the nearby Mom's in their families, but I stayed home and rested my eyes after being worn out by Autie during the day. She was really very good but the energy that radiates from a small child is enough to bring on exhaustion to their Nana,


  1. Well your whole life is riding on those tires...

  2. Gypsy, I have been using Les Schwab for more than twenty five years...they are very reputable and they have good guarantees. Unfortunately they are only in the western states. The good thing is if you get your tires in California and have a problem with them in Oregon all you do is drive to a Les Schwab and they will take care of it - no questions asked. Plus they will come and fix your flat for free. - (well maybe not if you are in New York. They also do other work besides tires. Plus if you need credit they will help you. My account did not have a zero balance for years. I would recommend them to anyone.