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Friday, May 8, 2009

Not one of my better days

It started first thing this morning when I was pouring the last cup of coffee out of the pot. I knew it wouldn't all fit into the cup but I stood there pouring it and watching it run over the sides of the cup and all over the countertop. The cup was then too full to add my half & half, and too hot to drink without it, so I had to wait until it cooled enough to sip some so I couldthen pick up the cup.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain running from my hip all the way down my left leg. Sciatica came to mind and then I got comfortable and went back to sleep. I forgot about it until I tried to walk today, and my leg really hurts. I think it could be from standing near the top of the stepladder yesterday - a stance which produces tension anyway - and cleaning part of the rig. I'm glad it's too windy to do more of it today so I'm planning to sit still and rest, and hope the pain goes away.

I have been using a dry wash product and have been very satisfied with the results. How satisfied I wasn't sure of until yesterday. It would be so much faster to get a bucket of water and some cleaner, and a scrub rag or sponge, than to apply this dri wash product. So to see if I could notice a difference I used some Simple Green in a bucket of water & a terry cloth rag on a small portion. After rinsing and letting it dry I ran my fingers over the Dri Wash and the soapy water solution, and couldn't believe how smooth the Dri Wash leaves the surface. As you know my rig hasn't had any care of the outside for several years, so I think this is a real good test. Maybe when I'm finally finished with the whole rig I can get the dust off with water, but until I get whatever it is off the surface I have to keep going with the dry product. Just looking at it from a side angle shows the nice gloss that is underneath the weathering and neglect. The trouble is that I have such a long way to go, need to buy more OxyGone, and put a lot of time in on that big stepladder.


  1. Sis,

    Remeber reading Tom Sawyer as a kid? When you have everyone camping with you, tell the boys girls how much fun it is to clean, hand them the products, step aside, and watch as your work disappears! I say it's worth a try!


  2. Just be careful of your footing when you are on that ladder----It's a long way to the bottom... You could tell everyone on your camping trip it is a working vacation..

  3. Is that leg pain from straining on the ladder or have you been taking Watusi lessons on the side......:)) Forgot to take those interior rig pics to-day but I'll git er done to-morrow.