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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Betty, you are right!  They made me go back and shop some more until my bill came to about $150!  (Just kidding).  I bought some stuff for New Year's Eve, including a moderately priced bottle of champagne.  I also filled my fuel tank at $2.29/gal.  Not sure if it has been lower during the past couple of weeks - I don't have to fill it as often when I just drive locally.  There were many days in December that I purposely stayed home so as to not be immersed in the "buy-buy-buy" mentality.

I also paid the January rent this morning - my bill includes gas, elec., and water for the past month.  It has been so cold and I've run the  gas furnace more often, plus use the small electric heater when I'm sitting down at the computer or to watch TV.  I haven't had bills this high for a long time, but I just can't deal with the cold.  

After my travels this year I hope to put some money toward replacing my windows, which should make it easier to heat (and cool) the house.  These windows are 1960 vintage and not one of them shuts tightly, and there isn't a decent screen in the bunch.  The biggest drawback to getting new windows is that it might be difficult (and expensive) to replace them with the same size and expanse of glass.  I've noticed on similar mobile homes in the park that they often replace a large window with two smaller ones.  I don't get a lot of natural light because of the layout of the houses and streets, so I want the big windows.  My son Steve has said he will do some work on a few things I need, and I'm torn between updating kitchen, bath or windows. 

One of my resolutions for next year is to use up or get rid of all the cleaning products I've accummulated.  I could clean a hotel with all the crap I think is going to give me a sparkling clean house!   Lately I've begun using vinegar, and sometimes baking soda & salt to clean, and they work just as well if not better, with no harsh chemicals.  I light a couple of scented candles to get rid of the vinegar odor though.

Ara finally got home but it wasn't until about 7:30 in the evening.  She had to take a train from the airport, transfer to a bus and then to a trolley that stops at her house.  I would gladly pay the cab fare for her, but as long as it's not the middle of the night I'll let her travel her way! 

I could sure use a nap by now, but still have some papers and clutter to get out of the way.  I wish it was easier for me to throw things away, but I've always held on to things "just in case".

Just one more day until we are in the year 2016, folks!  I wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead! 



  1. I can't stand the cold anymore either. Just can't wait to get the electric and propane bill for this month. :(

  2. I live in sweats and use an electric heater in my computer room which Fred loves. I guess I will have a really high gas bill too. If I am sitting in the living room I use a fleece throw so I don't have to turn the heat up.

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  4. We've had the opposite problem in Florida this year. It's been much more hot and humid than in winters past. I'm hoping it will let up soon. David is a "hold on to them just in case" person too. I call him a pack rat. It's good for him to be in a really restricted place with the collection police watching what comes in. HA!

  5. Happy New Year, Gypsy! I hope 2016 will be a very happy, healthy and FUN year for us all. :)

  6. Hope that you are keeping warm. It has been in the upper twenties at night here at China Camp. I just can't get over the campers that camp in tents in the cold and sometimes in the rain. It certainly. Wouldn't be me.