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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Getting the Christmas Spirit

I accompanied Jeannie & family to the Sacramento Fine Arts Center today where about 50 members of Autumn's choral group from school gave a concert.  The kids ranged from grades 3 through 6, and were incredibly good.  They had a good variety of Christmas songs plus even a Hanukah song.  Autumn has to be at school for choir practice by 7:15 am (I think it's 2 or 3 days a week they practice).  I am surprised so many kids are enthusiastic enough to get up so early on these cold mornings.

We then went to her soccer game - on an indoor court.  I think there might be another game or two in the rest of the indoor season.  I admire Jeannie & Donald and all the other parents who expend so much effort to get their kids to practices, games, etc. 

The jury is still out on my Mr. Coffee.  It's ok, but I can't believe how the mfr didn't allow much room to pour the water into the well.  I spill a bit every timeYou would think that manufacturers would test their products with real users before releasing a new version.  I'm amazed at some of the nearly useless functions on many products that were obviously not put to a practical test.

I think maybe the worst part about this coffee maker is that there are several "buttons" on the front that you press for various functions, to set the time, etc.  I can see the buttons but can't read the tiny little print that indicates what they are for, so every morning I have to get my flashlight (even though I have the overhead light plus the light on the stove vent turned on) to read which button starts the brew cycle.  I think every single appliance in this world ought to have an on/off button that is separate from all the others and is clearly marked.  I know younger people and older folks who still have good vision don't have a problem with distinguishing the buttons on an appliance, but your time may be ahead of you.

When I began writing this post I had no intention to complain so much.  But this is what I deal with every day.

Last night I didn't feel like cooking.  I try to eat my main meal of the day at noon because I often don't have much of an appetite by evening.   A while back I ordered a container of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough from Autie, a fund raiser for girl scouts I think.  I took delivery of it when I returned from New York and stuck it in my freezer.  Then I determined to cut down on carbs and sugar, so it's been sitting there.  Last night I got it out and baked a dozen cookies.  Fortunately you can re-freeze the dough so I have the unused portion back in my freezer.  I ended up eating the dozen cookies for my evening meal, and even sampled some of the raw cookie dough.  I'm sort of reminded of my binge of caramel popcorn, but I thought I was dying when I ate all that - I have no excuse for the cookies!   I felt a lot better this morning than I did the morning I found myself alive after eating all that caramel popcorn!


  1. I've been following along with you but for some reason my ipad won't allow me to comment. So this morning I'm at the computer. My suggestions for your Mr Coffee and the buttons is if you decide you're keeping it paint the on/off button with red fingernail polish. I do that for a lot of things.

  2. Keeping up with the kids is almost a full time job in itself:)

  3. Since you are living alone, we your readers, have to be the ones you complain to. (grin)

  4. I gave up a long time ago. I now keep a magnifying glass on the kitchen counter, near the refrigerator, so I can read directions on frozen dinners. And how about cutting the neck off a soft drink bottle or water bottle for a funnel to fill the coffee maker. And a drop of glue on the start button, if you don't want to see red. You can feel the difference in the dark.

  5. I would eat a dozen chocolate chip cookies AND another half dozen as raw dough and think I'd died and gone to heaven. The macular degeneration group I could never get my father to go to suggested putting little pieces of red duct tape on buttons and switches so you could see or feel which one was the one you wanted.

  6. I think the red nail polish or duct tape is a great idea.

  7. Good ideas above. I have trouble seeing those tiny letters too! But once I got to know the machine I as able to go right to the button needed.Yes the opening for the water is really small on the 5 cup but the bigger one is fine.

  8. Kudos to the kids and the parents!

    Lots of good ideas here that I can apply to other things that I can no longer see without a magnifying glass :(