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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Starting over

As suggested, I decided to give the coffee maker another try in case it just had to get rid of the "brand new" taste.  So this morning I brewed in the new Mr. C.  The result was pretty good, so I suppose I'll keep it, but I'm putting the old one on a shelf for now just in case.  The new one is so much larger and takes up way more space on the counter, plus it's heavier to move around.  Also, it is much more difficult to pour water into the well without spilling some of it on the countertop.  I guess I can cry all I want about simplicity, but it ain't gonna happen anymore!

I do have a Melitta system that I take with me when traveling/camping.  It requires water to be boiled and then poured over the coffee grounds into the carafe.  It makes superb tasting coffee, but there is no way to keep the glass carafe hot.  When I'm camping I pour a big mug of coffee and then pour the remainder of it into a thermos so it stays hot.  I guess I could do that here at home, and I might just consider it if the new Mr. C drives me crazy!

I didn't have leg cramps last night, and it may have been that I upped the Calm (magnesium powder) by 1/2 tsp, up to 1-1/2 tsp in a cup of water.  It is really good, with a lemon raspberry flavor.  I am being conservative with the amount of powder so I avoid unwanted side effects of magnesium!

Regarding mustard, I don't think I would try that because since about February I have been taking two capsules of tumeric each morning, and I also sprinkle tumeric liberally over scrambled eggs when I make them.  I don't want to turn yellow just to avoid cramps!  Maybe I should try one capsule in the morning and the other at night, except I try to keep it as simple as possible or I will forget one of the doses.

I just cooked a package of fresh organic cranberries into sauce, which is so delicious I eat it with everything:  meat, fish, eggs, etc.  Last year I bought several packages that I froze so I could make sauce throughout the year, but I notice that Bel Air carries them most of the time so they must be coming from wherever they are currently grown.  The cranberries I just used are from Canada.

We had some rain early in the morning but it is now clear and the sun is bright.  I think there is a big storm coming in a couple of days - the weather forecasters seem to be chomping at the bit to predict doom from El Nino, and with the forested areas damaged and weakened by fires it could be disastrous in many parts of the state.  I just hope the Sierra get inundated with snow - they can make some money on the skiers and snowboarders, and we might get some snow melt for our reservoirs next spring.  


  1. I bought me a couple of funnel looking coffee makers. They are made to sit on top of a cup, I use 16 oz. disposable cups (the are good for three to six uses) and sit the funnel type coffee maker on the cup with a filter in it. I put my ground coffee in the filter and pour boiling water over the grounds. Since I like my coffee extra, extra, extra strong and my wife likes hers so weak you can see through it, we both can make coffee that suits us both.

  2. I don't know a thing about coffee. Never have liked it. I try a cup about every once seven years since my mother said your tastes change every seven years. Let's see... that would be close to ten times I've tried it, but still can only take one sip!

  3. I don't think you can beat a Mellita for the best coffee ever. I have the one that fits over the cup for camping. I use a thermal cup and it stays nice and warm.

    I don't know about this El Nino I haven't seen much snow or rain in the monthy view weather view at all. But we are heading for another cold front starting tomorrow.

  4. I have a mellita cone that I use when boondocking, I sit it over a thermal carafe and make a full pot of coffee that stays hot until we finish it.

  5. Add my vote for the Melitta. We use the system by choice at home and on the road. It is simplicity itself, and if you preheat your cup or mug (or vacuum bottle) with some boiling water, it will stay hot for a very long time. I make myself a 16-ounce insulated mugful in the morning, then let some extra water drip through the remaining grounds into a plain glass jar with a cover and put it into the refrigerator. At lunch time, I add some milk, and maybe a shake of cinnamon, and enjoy a nice latte. A friend buys the Starbucks Frappuccino bottles at 9.4 ounces at 4/$5. (on sale). My method provides the same treat for pennies. That's $40. a month not spent! ;->

  6. A teaspoonful of cider vinegar in water taken daily, and bananas, not taken together though, are good for cramps. Also make sure you keep well hydrated throughout the day.

    1. I already eat bananas but I think I am going to try the teaspoon of cider vinegar daily. Thanks.

  7. I would definitely like to see some snow for the holidays. Hope you get your wish. David does his coffee with the grind the beans fresh, boil the water and pour it over them approach and puts it in a thermos too. Sounds to me like you don't really like the new Mr. C well enough to keep it.