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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Lucky Day

I've felt great today and now realize I feel lucky as well.  I got another reimbursement from Medicare for my chiropractic treatment, and I still have a few more treatments to go, and to bill Medicare for.

I'm mentioning this in case any readers who are under Medicare are also under chiropractic treatment, please be sure the office submits the request for reimbursement to Medicare.  My treatment plan is for approximately one year, and I paid the total amount to the doctor in the first 3 months.  Medicare sends me the checks and I'm not sure how they dole them out but I expect to receive another check or two before I'm finished.  It looks like I might get somewhere around 1/3 of the total and possibly a bit more.  So be sure to check with the chiro's office personnel to see if they will submit the payment request for you.  I think Medicare pays for the manipulative treatments but not xrays or just an office visit  to discuss the treatment plan or other options.  Note that there is a deductible amount set by Medicare.

I've wrapped some more of the kids' Christmas presents and realize that one of the kids is 1 present short.  I got them all some little inexpensive things to unwrap along with the primary gift.

Work at the library is going well.  The Volunteer Coordinator and I discussed my working a few more hours a week if I want.  I'll extend my shift after the New Year.

The sunset today is about the most gorgeous I've ever seen.   I snap pictures like crazy but they never come near to the actual sight. 


  1. It's so nice to get a little refund for our expenses. I finally finished my shopping today it was the rest of the grocerys.

  2. Medicare actually reimburses my chiropractor and after my deductible I never owe anything. It's wonderful to have such good care covered. Wish I could see you sunsets too. I love beautiful sunrises and sunsets. That's about one of the only things I'll miss when we leave the keys on sunday.