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Monday, December 28, 2015

A relaxing day

I went to Jeannie's house today to spend the day with Ara before she heads back east.  Jeannie, Ara and I put toether  a big jigsaw puzzle, and worked 5 NY Times crossword puzzles.  With three great minds together we just couldn't fail.  Donald came in and assisted with the jigsaw puzzle for a while.  

I will miss Ara and love having her here, but I'll see her again when I go to NY for Justin's 1st Communion in April.  I'm still debating trying to drive or get back on a plane, and I've about ruled out taking Amtrak.  At one time Amtrak was the best choice but the service has greatly deteriorated over the years (although the airlines has had the same decline as well).  I don't have to decide for another couple of months, and just hope the weather is fair on my travel days.

Today I don't think I would even attempt to drive across country, but if I can get a new prescription for eyeglasses in January that will improve my vision, I might attempt it.  So far the macular degeneration doesn't seriously affect my view of the road ahead while driving under most road conditions, and if I can avoid large metropolitan areas (such as Chicago) I think I might be 

I work at the library tomorrow and I think I'll be working in the non-fiction, which is my favorite.  I'm getting tired of the kids' section and need a break.

I've looked ahead at the 15 day forecast for my area, and it is likely our days won't rise above the 50's.  Tonight it is going down to 30 - I sometimes wear an extra shirt under my pj' s to keep warm.  

I'm going to try to go back to walking at the gym on a daily basis, and hope to work out at least twice a week.  The hardest part of getting back to healthy living is to quit eating the carbs and sugar that go with holiday treats!  I have an unopened growler (64 oz) of golden ale in my fridge, and it needs to be consumed within 24-36 hrs of breaking the seal.  I will need some company to accomplish this, and when it's gone I'm going to get serious about my diet.


  1. It's fun to be thinking about our plans for summer travel. Helps pass those winter days when it's only 50 degrees and I don't want to go outside. Boy have I become a whuss. I think about getting back on track diet wise and then the next day it all goes away again. Good luck with yours.

  2. I like crossword puzzles, but I think the NY Times is beyond my abilities.

  3. I can't stop with the holiday candies and sweets either and I was doing so well before. I haven't really put on any weight but I know so many sweets are not good for me. And David wants to go to yet ANOTHER bakery for his early January birthday. SIGH............