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Monday, December 21, 2015

Fun Sunday

The day spent at Steve's house yesterday was really nice and relaxing as well.  The Bengals game was on the TV, but the guys just cast their eyes on the screen once in a while and the sound was very low.  A friend of theirs came with his two beautiful little daughters (Mama wasn't feeling well).  They left after Cincinnati won the game.

The Cincy chili was so good - I eat mine plain over spaghetti while most people dump cheese & onions all over it.  I also set aside my avoidance of processed meats and had a Coney Island - hot dog on a bun with Cincinnati chili and if you like, cheese and onions.  I had mine with just the chili.

My sister Amy and niece Katy were there as well, and it is always a joy to get together.  The kids play so well together, and the dog (Sammy) was all over the place.  He started out looking like a boxer but after a year or so he has a decided pit bull look.  I have never met a sweeter and better tempered dog; of course he loved following the kids to the bowl of chips as they obligingly dropped one for him now and then.  He tried his best to get up in my lap but couldn't quite make it into the chair.  It was nice to have a dog around for a change.

I'm essentially finished with my Christmas shopping, and will pick up one of the gifts on Christmas Eve.  I also might look for a couple of small items for the kids.  I haven't sent a Christmas card in years and intended to for some of my elderly relatives this year, but never got around to it.  I'm not really into Christmas and it's only because of family that I even mark the day.   The hard sell that begins the day after Halloween really turns me off, but that's just part of it.

This morning looks like it will rain all day.  I checked the 15 day forecast for Sacramento and it looks like only one day out of 15 will get above 60F, and barely above at that.  I have been absolutely freezing here in my house.  There is no way to keep it warm - no doubt due to lack of proper insulation, windows that let air in, etc.   I hate to think of what the gas and electric bills will be for this month.   The only time I'm warm enough is when I go to bed and crawl under the down comforter!  I'm tough and can deal with it though. 

I have to leave now for my chiropractor appointment.  I hope the traffic is light especially in all this rain, but I know better.


  1. In my life I have met many pit bulls and every one of them was a most wonderful doggy. Just as sweet as you could hope a pup to be.

  2. Any dog can be mean and temperamental. Most of it is due to the people they live with.

    I've mailed Christmas cards a time or two after Christmas cause that was when I felt like wishing everyone happy holidays. Maybe after spending the day with the family you will feel like it too.

  3. You sure did have a busy family weekend. My grandson had a pit and it was the biggest baby you ever could meet, the realtor made them get rid of it broke everyones heart.

  4. I am so glad you got to enjoy some Cincinnati Chili.

    Here in Texas we are experiencing some warm temperatures. It will be a while until I can once again try cooking some Billy Bob Chili.

    Glad to see you posting once more.

  5. The cold can really get to us, that's for sure. I've found the best way for me is to dress in layers, then put a blanket over my lap, and turn on the propane heater. I've kept the heater on all night for a week or more. I'd rather pay for propane twice as often and be warmer.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)