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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Not feeling well

I have done very little today except go to the post office and mail a package.  I woke up early feeling very queasy.  I sipped a bit of water and was in and out of bed - standing in the hallway by the bathroom, taking deep breaths, and trying to will the yukky feeling away.  I finally got up and made my coffee - the first sip of coffee did it, and from then on I felt better, but couldn't get the energy or motivation to do anything.  

On the way to the post office I have to pass the junior high school, and saw a soccer ball that had found its way into the street.  I went around it and then pulled over into the right lane and got out of my car.  The guy behind me went around the ball, but the next car in the lineup stopped and waited until I had retrieved the ball and thrown it across the fence.  That was so nice of him, and it put me in a positive mood.  Believe it or not the mood just got better at the post office where there were two separate elderly people who were obviously handicapped, and they were encouraged (by the patrons) to go to the next available clerk without waiting in line.  Maybe it's the season, but I think one kindness encourages another, and it just grows into many kindnesses.  One person can't change the world but they can certainly enhance the world for those around them.

Speaking of coffee, I returned the Mr.C to Costco and I'm so relieved I did.  It was an all around bad design, and I'm considering writing the company although I may never get around to it.  Making the coffee with the Melitta system is so easy and the coffee is so good, and if I ever decide I want to use a machine I can just get the old one out again.

Thanks so much for all the helpful comments and suggestions about the coffee maker.  I just came to the conclusion I could never really learn to like the model.    


  1. Glad the bad feeling left and didn't turn into some bug. You can do so much good with one smile and a friendly hand. If you felt that strongly about the coffee maker then you did the right thing by bringing it back.

    It is so cold here I can hardly believe it.

  2. We start the day with coffee too and it is important for the coffee to taste good. The Melitta is a great option and we used it a lot in the past. Right now we are currently using a french press and like it too. It was good to hear about your mood change and how the day progressed.

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better.

    I liked what you wrote "One person can't change the world but they can certainly enhance the world for those around them."

    With an elderly mother I have been on the receiving end of many thoughtful and kind gestures that restores my faith in mankind.

    Have a great day.

  4. Have to wonder about the yucky feeling and where it came from. But I'm glad it didn't last. Seems as though if you really pay attention you can find bright spots and kindnesses in every day. It's such a shame that there isn't a good news TV and Radio news station since we are so constantly bombarded not with the bright spots but with as much fear as the media of all sorts can manage to pass along.

  5. Hi, Gypsy. I am getting a little worried, what with the title of this post. It isn't like you to go so many days without posting. Of course you did have partying to do, and tis the season. Still. Hope you are feeling all right.