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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Shopping helper

I took granddaughter Autumn with me to Barnes & Noble this afternoon to do a little Christmas shopping.  We are both fanatic book lovers, and always trip out over a visit to B&N.  She was an invaluable help to me in checking off my Christmas gifts,  and I got a lot of my shopping done.

There were a couple of books that are on order and when I get the call that they are in the store, I will take Arianna with me to shop for Autumn's books.  I don't know how I managed, but this trip was spent entirely in the kids' section.  Some day I will go back and take at least a couple or more hours to properly browse for myself!

Barnes & Noble is such a wonderful store to browse (and buy), and it is so much more fun than ordering online.  They have an incredible selection with very knowledgeable salespeople who are happy to offer suggestions, and I'm so pleased that I had a companion with me who appreciates the ambiance of a bookstore.

I just looked out at the most beautiful sunset yet.  The sky is a brilliant red color like I've never seen before.  

Jeannie & Donald gave me a bottle of red zinfandel for my birthday, and I'm enjoying a glass right now.  It is called "Old Soul", which fits me to a "T"!   Jeanne and I went to the gym last night and when she brought me home we broke open the bottle and enjoyed a small glass each.  I'm getting to like red wine, and I drink it more slowly than the heavenly Gewurztraminer, a spicy German white wine.  I always seem to go back for a 2nd glass of the Gewurtz!

A couple more sips of Old Soul and I will start fixing my dinner.   I've had such a wonderful peaceful day beginning with my first cup of coffee to the glass of wine I'm enjoying right now.  I couldn't ask for a better life!



  1. Days like yours are a treasure aren't they. I want to pick up a few books tomorrow for the little ones who are really getting into reading now.

  2. What a happy blog post. It really does sound like a very wonderful day and you are right having your children and grandchildren around you, you couldn't ask for a better life.