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Monday, January 4, 2016

Still here in 2016

I haven't much felt like writing a blog for the past few days, but I did have a great time, especially since Dec. 30 up until last night (Jan 3rd).  It's back to the old grind today.

On the 30th, Jeannie & Donald helped me drink the growler of ale that I got for Christmas; we celebrated at their house on the 31st with lots of food, snacks, and champagne at midnight.  I bought some pork tamales for our supper since I remember from long ago that it's good luck to eat tamales on New Year's Eve.   I believe it's true, so I am expecting a year filled with love, luck, and joy.

I only see the chiropractor once every other week now, and today was the day.  I always feel so much better after a visit to his office, and a lot of it has to do with the positive vibes projected from the entire staff.  Today was no exception.

It looks like we are in for at least a week of rain mixed with periods of sunshine.  It's cold though, so I rummaged through my clothes until I came up with a heavy duty set of long underwear.  I know I'm getting old because I've never been bothered by the cold in the past.  

I am going to see about a new prescription for eyeglasses on Wednesday.  I am noticing my vision get worse by the day - partly the mac degeneration, and partly the fact that I need new glasses.  At least I hope they will help.  I've tried to change the settings on my computer so that the print is larger and darker, but it doesn't seem to apply to my email programs and 
other applications. 

My diet went completely off track over the holidays - I had carbs and sugar galore!   I will be glad to get back to what is for me a healthier eating style.  First I have to finish off the little bit of dips, chips, etc., that Jeannie sent me home with after New Year's.

I wish all readers love, luck, and joy in your lives this year.  


  1. Eat and drink up all the stuff that may be bad for you, that is one way of getting rid of it. At least it is a lot more fun than tossing it in the garbage can.,

  2. I'd been wondering where you'd been. Glad to see you were having a good time and have an eye doctor's appointment set up to find out about that vision. Hope it's a fantastic year for you.

  3. And wish you love, luck and joy in this new year too!!! And glad you are still 'hangin in there' in 2016

  4. Of course you are still here. If aliens had abducted you and taken you away the earth would stop rotating and we would know you are gone.

  5. May 2016 be a wonderful year for you. I hope new glasses help a lot. As for the carbs and sugar--- it isn't as if you need to lose weight! Stay warm; enjoy life.