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Sunday, December 27, 2015

See you next year, Santa!

Another Christmas has come and gone, and I'm still reeling!   Our family had a wonderful gathering, with lots of love and laughs.

I am drinking a super tasty cup of coffee this morning, made possible by my new Mr. Coffee.  One of my gifts was a model with an on/off switch and no bells & whistles.  Just what I have always liked, and this model makes a great cup from the very first time.  There is definitely a difference.

I also got a North Face jacket with a warm liner.  I've always wanted one of these but never  could afford a North Face.  There is definitely a difference!  

I got a growler of beer from American River Brewery, a couple of bottles of wine, a gift certificate from Straw Hat Pizza, a book "Women Who Run With the Wolves",  and a spiffy wine bottle opener that looks so easy to use.  I have always used the old style corkscrew and can barely get the cork out intact.  

I also received plane tickets to Alaska for July/Aug, and will travel with Joe, Sarah & their girls.  Sarah has family there and I'm looking forward to just being there.  This will be my 50th state, and I never thought I'd be able to do it.

Yesterday was a lazy day for me and I'm thinking about getting out and about for a little while today. 

I have an appointment for the first week in January to see the opthamologist and hopefully get a prescription for new glasses that can make my vision a little better.  The mac degeneration will still be a problem but I hope to be able to see a little better without straining.  It's getting difficult to read street signs until I'm right upon them, reading anything on the TV screen, etc.

I hope everyone has had as happy a Christmas as I have, and look forward with me to a good 2016.


  1. My son got back from a stint of working up on the north shore of Alaska next to the Arctic Sea. I am sure when you go to Alaska you will not be venturing that far north. It is a huge state with lots to see. Take a lot of pictures. I never got to go there and would love to see your pics.

  2. I think the trip to Alaska is the best present of all! You lucky duck!

  3. Wow, you really scored! You must have been a very good girl this year. LOL Alaska is one of the few states I've been in - we were there during the very LLLOOONNNNGGG daylight season - in early July - and it was kind of neat. I sunbathed at midnight! It wasn't really super warm at that hour, but that was marked off my bucket list. Have a Happy Near Year! :)

  4. Wow, I am jealous! Like Barbara said...you must have been a very good girl :D

  5. OH MY Alaska! Well that is a great gift. You received lots of great gifts. So happy you are enjoying such a wonderful cup of coffee.

  6. Boy those gifts sound terrific! I'd love to have everyone of them. Well not the Mr. Coffee but FOR SURE the Alaska trip. You have some mighty fine kids who found just what you'd like. Only a wonderful mother would inspire such love.

    1. But where are the pictures??? Of you in the coat? Of the whole gang?