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Thursday, October 2, 2014

What was I thinking?

I made a trip to Costco this morning to replenish my supplies, including ice cream.  They sell a wonderful organic brand, packed 2 half gallons to a box, and that's what I wanted.  When I got home I found I had bought two boxes, 4 half gallons of ice cream!  I can barely fit the ice cream plus other frozen items I bought into my freezer!

Then, I bought a bag of dried apricots.   Later at home when I was putting things away after nibbling on a few items, I found the bag of apricots had the tear strip pulled off.  I honestly don't remember doing it, and I'm nearly certain the checker and/or the clerk who stacked the items in my cart would have noticed the opened bag.   Do I eat the apricots or don't I?  I've already tasted 2 or 3 of them so I suppose I might as well conclude that I opened the bag at home.

One afternoon back in New York, the young woman who sometimes picks up the kids from school when Mike and Sandy both have to work late, brought them home and took us all to see the house she and her husband are building.  It's in the village of Wappinger's Falls, and after seeing her house she asked if I'd like to see the Falls.  I didn't even think about the fact that there were Falls in Wappinger's Falls, and we ended up driving to see them plus around the whole village.  Both Denise and her husband grew up here, both sets of parents live nearby in the same houses they always had, and I loved the older style buildings that are kept in such beautiful condition.

The Falls are mere trickles now compared to what it will be like in spring or after heavy rains/snows.

And looking down from the other side of the bridge:

The Falls should be much different next spring, and I will try to get pictures when I go back in June.

This is Denise on the bridge:

Some other photos taken around town and the river:

Click on photos to enlarge.

I am so tired I hardly know what I'm doing, but I haven't had jet lag for years either.  I'm trying to catch up on blog reading and am making a little headway.  

TV is so frustrating!  I came back to find my set isn't working properly - I finally can get tv programs on it but haven't been able to access my recorded programs.  It will take more brain power than I can spare for another day or two.


  1. I know how much you love ice cream, so don't try and tell me it was an accident that you purchased so much. Have a happy time eating it. I just finished up mine last night and didn't get out today to replenish my supplies. It will be hard, but I try to get through tonight without it.

  2. My mouth is just simply watering over all that ice cream. It's been a long time.

  3. Once again nice photos & I especially like the one of all those boats lined up:))

  4. That's a lot of ice cream, I'm with Sherry my mouth is watering.

    The pictures are so pretty that area is really beautiful. You captured some great shots of the sun heading over the homes and the water.

  5. Wow that is a lot of ice cream, lucky you that can eat it guilty free :(

    Bet those falls will look pretty with more water in them. The houses are lovely with such well manicured yards.

    No doubt about it...you had a great vacation but more importantly some fine memories.

  6. Sounds like you are having some very good times, Gypsy. That's great-making memories. I like the trickle view of the falls ...and all the other pictures too. Feeling a little green, I am. Sure wish I could go somewhere, anywhere would be good.