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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Easy Saturday

I had no plans for today but went to the farmer's market early and was back home in no time.  I shopped at my favorite of the stalls and didn't feel like walking around, so I just got what I needed and came back home.

Jeannie came over to visit and reviewed the bios of the new doctors I will choose from - we agreed the one I saw last time is fine, although I will have to be straight up with him and reach an agreement about tests for the sake of testing.

Before Jeannie arrived I wrote him a message on the  UCD Med's system, mentioning that in some ways I was doing better but that I'm worried about the cough I still have.  With my experience the last 2 years of bronchitis and pneumonia I am worried that this cough will turn for the worse, so I want to see him again soon.

Jeannie said she wanted to go to Target and I readily agreed to go as I'm squeezing the very last of the toothpaste tubes!  We weren't there long and it was nice to get out.  Fortunately I didn't cough a whole lot during the time we were there.

She suggested we could go to Costco tomorrow which I need to do, but I'm still a little hesitant to be around the kids.  I have never felt like I was contagious but was strictly suffering from allergies, however  this is definitely settling into my chest and it worries me.

But I'm not the only one with medical issues - Jeannie's dental surgery is still giving her a lot of pain, and she's only gone through the first part of what is needed.   Her next appointment is this coming Tuesday and I insisted I would take her.  I think the visit is just for the doctor to check the healing process (which has been slow going), but I still want to drive her and be there when she's ready to go home.  I'm not sayin' we'll stop at the donut shop or anything, but it's right on the way home!

It's 7 pm and I haven't even thought about eating dinner yet.  I'm glad I have soup that I can just quickly heat up. 



  1. Donut shop on the way home?? Oh so convenient.(grin) And on the way home from the dentist. Does the dentist know about you all stopping. . I mean passing a donut shop?

  2. I bet you have nothingmore than allergies. I have been coughing and sneezing so much it isn't even funny. my eyes itch and I have lots of nasal junk. I cough so hard and so long I feel like I will never stop. Tonight before I go to sleep I am going to use Zicam nasal spray for allergies maybe I won't wake up so bad tomorrow.

  3. Coming across the north Texas and New Mexico dust bowl plains had me choked up heavily. Once I got out of those dusty plains at Balmorhea and on to Del Rio all my hacking ceased. That was a couple of rough weeks. Imagine a gut wrenching gagging cough while riding a bicycle.

  4. Sorry to hear both you and Jeannie have lingering problems. My cough has lingered for several years now. Hope yours doesn't wake you up after 5 hours sleep like mine is now doing. I feel like a zombie. Please eat a donut for me.

  5. Try making a tea out of the herb horehound. It is supposed to work wonders for chest problems, add a bit of honey as it does not taste that good.