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Thursday, October 9, 2014

I'm Under the Weather

I don't feel all that well and even considered going to an Urgent Care office today to get some help.  I suffer with sinus and allergies, and while in NY my eyes were itchy.  I don't know the culprit but I remember ragweed being a problem in the fall when I lived in Cincinnati.  My eyes still bother me from time to time since I'm back in CA, plus all the other allergy symptoms I usually experience, the worst being a sore throat.   I bought throat lozenges yesterday but they leave such an awful taste that I don't think I'll continue them.

I heard from the grapevine that my primary care physician has resigned, which is why I  considered the Urgent Care.  I think she has serious health concerns and I hope she can overcome them, but now I don't know what to do if and when I need a doctor.  Maybe if I'm careful I won't need one!

The mobile home park is sealing the streets this week, and today is the day for my street.  It looks like I'm stuck at home so I couldn't see a doctor if I wanted to.    I took a low dose aspirin this morning which helps a little with the throat.  I was taking low dose aspirin every day until one morning I got sick and tired of my arms and hands looking battered, so now I take a tablet a couple of times a week.  I bought throat lozenges yesterday but they leave such an awful taste that I don't think I'll continue along that line.

On the way to Jeannie's house I stopped by the city's best donut shop yesterday morning and picked up a box of 1 dozen assorted donuts.   I ate 3 glazed donuts and could have probably made quick work of a few more, but I left some for Donald and the girls.  Jeannie had two of them herself.  I was so happy to see her up and looking well the day after her surgery.  She had not taken Percoset since the previous evening (day of surgery) and hopes to be able to do without it from now on.  She was having some discomfort, but seems to be on the road to recovery.



  1. I hope you get well soon and that you can find another doctor to replace the lady that resigned.

    Glad to hear your daughter is on her way to a fast recovery.

    Take care.

  2. Gargle with warm salt water, better than lozenges.

  3. So sorry to hear you are having problems. They must make some sort of cherry flavored lozenges. Is there another doctor in the practice that you might at least try to see if you like them? Glad to hear Jennie is doing well. Hope you start feeling better. I have developed some sort of eye and throat problems within the last couple of years and they say they are "allergies" but I"m not so sure. I'd have to be allergic to the air since it's the same no matter where in the country I am. And it's so polluted, maybe I am.

  4. Allergies are just awful right now. Even poor Fred has water, itchy eyes. Everyone seems to be suffering from them.
    Glad Jeannie is doing so well.