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Friday, October 17, 2014

Not much to do

Actually I have a lot to do but can't really do much of it.  I've mentioned before that my house sits in sort of a wind tunnel.   When the wind blows I get the big leaves from the trees across the street, and they are especially piled up in my driveway.  When I got back from New York one of the first things I did was to sweep most of the leaves up, and I later thought I may have gotten my allergic reaction to those leaves, so I've never gone back out to sweep them again.

The wind also blows dust and dirt on my entire property, especially noticeable on the windows and screens - another possible source of my allergies.  I really need to wash both the windows and screens while the weather is still clear and mild, but first I'd have to sweep the leaves in the driveway!  (To take the screens close to the water source.)  So I sit indoors and don't do much of anything, and it's all piling up.

I'm feeling a little better but still have the congestion and cough, so I don't go anywhere.  When I get the call that the new lens for my glasses is in I will head over to Walmart Optical.   I'm getting low on a lot of supplies but sure don't feel like shopping, so I'm stretching everything to the limit.  

I am a "saver" which is unfortunate in that things stack up in my house that should be thrown away.  I keep paper, and I know a lot of it can be discarded or shredded, and I think that is going to be my first line of attack in cleaning up my house.   Why do I need old medical records that I printed out, when they are available to me online or else so old as to be useless?   The same goes for bank statements; cell phone bills, etc.  I still get the paper statements although they are available online.  (I don't want my entire life to be online, and that is why I still get the paper statements.  Also, I can open up an envelope and view my statement without having to enter a username and password!)  I guess I'm a true packrat!

I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup last night but had lost my appetite by the time it was finished.   I had a lot of vegetables in the fridge that I was able to use, so now I can buy more at the farmers' market tomorrow!  I'll have to freeze some of that soup because I'll never be able to eat it all before it spoils.  I'd rather have it fresh than frozen and thawed out, but it will do fine for future quick meals when I don't feel like cooking.  I wonder why dinner is so difficult for me - both in the preparation as well as the eating.  I just lose my appetite after 2 or 3 pm, and while I can sometimes snack, I just don't enjoy a meal in the evening.  I've tried switching "dinner" to the middle of the day but it doesn't work since I usually stretch my breakfast out during the morning.  

The biggest question is:  why do I worry about it?   Other than the fact that I need all the calories I can get I can't think of an answer to that question.

I was really hoping to get in a quick camping trip this fall but I doesn't look like that is going to happen. 


  1. This is the best time of year for being out in Nature. Maybe you would feel better if you took a quick camping trip. . or a long one. Whether you stay home or go camping, I hope that you get feeling better.

  2. Sorry to hear your coughing and congestion continues. I think mine is permanent. Hope that isn't true for you. I actually think soup is much better the second day and don't freeze mine until the 3rd or 4th day. I have no trouble eating the same thing for days in a row. But I too find that I'd rather eat two meals a day, say at 10am and 2pm and after that, forget it. They say that's great for those of us who want to lose weight so I guess it would not be good for you.

  3. I make lots of meals and freeze them in serving sized containers. They still taste quite good and always better than out of a can.

    allergies are so bad for me right now too. Especially since I was up in the green mountains with lots of weeds.

    If the weather holds out maybe you can still get in one trip.