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Thursday, October 23, 2014

More on Garmin

This morning I received some correspondence from Garmin urging me to try installing the updates again, but I responded that I was just finished dealing with it after spending hours yesterday trying to install.  I asked them to issue a credit for the amount of the map update.

I just received a reply from Garmin giving me the refund case number and said they have taken immediate steps to reverse the charge.  I think this is very fair of Garmin, and I appreciate their business ethic, so I decided to write a short post about it.

I am still hacking and coughing, and generally feeling miserable.  I can't go anywhere because I worry about passing something along, and I'm bored out of my mind right now.  (When I'm feeling better I might wish I had taken Garmin's suggestion to try one more time, but just can't face it right now.)



  1. I trust maps more than my Garmin. That lady on that thing wants to take me on roads I don't want to take with my motorhome. She and I argue a lot. . . Last time I left her at home.

  2. I prefer maps too. Does this mean we are fossils or just Luddites? I use Hubby's Trucker's Atlas. The pages are laminated. The other one I love to use is the DeLorme's Gazetteers. They have all the obscure dirt tracks. ; >)

  3. I had a Dr. apt. today and of course started hacking so he got this look like wheres my mask. But he said it was just allergies and gave me a nasal spray. I new that's all it was but he is the Dr.

    I have a male on my TomTom I love to yell at him too like Dizzy with his Garmin. LOL Just think how much fun it is to call them names and they don't fight back.

  4. I just cannot get over how people continue to use these things. I do not believe we are the only ones for whom they are a mess. Lots if people will spend hours fiddling with the technology that is supposed to save us time. A map and a pencil are often much quicker and nearly always less aggregating. What does the doctor say about your cough??