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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Old Wives' Tales

I'm testing one today.  My mom was one of the world's best for going along with the old widsom.  One of her favorite dire predictions was that I would catch pneumonia if I went outdoors with my hair wet.  So this morning I thought I would put that bunch of crap to the test - I showered and washed my hair while a load of laundry was finishing.  I then took the laundry across the street to hang it out on the line, and I did it with wet hair.  I'm feeling a little better after starting the Z-pack of antibiotics yesterday.  Temps are still in the 60's but it's warm in the sun.

My apologies to my mother as well as to the old wives and their wisdom for my attitude.  I suppose that back in the day when doctors weren't so accessible (in my mom's farm community someone would have to ride a horse or a mule to the doctor's house and hope he could help), it was up to the older women in the household to do the doctorin' in all but the most serious cases.  I think the old wives' tales can be placed in the category of "Preventive Medicine".   It wasn't always the old women but sometimes the men had their cures and treatments.  My mom broke her ankle as a little girl, and my grandpa treated it with Absorbine, his cure for just about everything, in both horses and people!

Yesterday I downloaded the update for my old GPS (I had returned the new one to Costco).  I spent all evening trying to download and install the updates but the install just kept going and going.  I quit and went through the entire process again this morning, and the same thing happened so after about 3 hrs. of fooling with it I quit.   I wrote to Garmin the problems I had and asked that they credit my card with the amount I spent on it.  In checking my card status online I see that the charge was pending and I hope Garmin just cancels the charge.   

I remember having  the same problem a few years back when I tried to update my first Garmin.  I could never get it to work and wonder if it was because I was using a MAC computer, although with the current update I downloaded the version for MAC.  It's just not worth the aggravation, and not having a smartphone I might as well forget using a GPS.

Yesterday I knew right away that Jeannie didn't want donuts after having her stitches removed.  In one place there is a big hollow space in her gum, and she is going to require numerous surgeries in the coming months, including bone grafts, so I can understand how the lure of donuts just wasn't there.  It will return, and I'll be ready!

I think everyone knows how I feel about technological devices.  If I want something new I might try it out, and I may or may not want to be bothered with it.  I don't think everything new is necessarily more productive - many people have 4 or 5 devices such as phones, iPads, tablets, etc., and there are always new upgrades for one of them.  I'm no longer willing to get caught up in that trap.   I agree with Barbara that it is necessary to keep our minds sharp by learning new things - in my case it is learning subjects in the scientific and astronomical field, history both ancient on up to more recent times, and questioning and keeping an open mind about EVERYTHING in the Universe!  I'm an avid reader, which helps.

I wore myself out taking my laundry off the line and folding it, and then carrying it all back and putting things away.  I had to take a nap!


  1. I just got up from a nap to recover from doing nothing.

  2. Good luck getting your money back from Garmin. You probably can but it will be a hassle. You can always contest the credit card charge and that will work. I am feeling so sorry for Jeannie. How did she get such a situation in her mouth that will require surgeries and bone grafts. It sounds just awful.

  3. I have always had problems trying to update my Garmin. I read on some forum that there is a lot of stuff on one that needs to be deleted so you will have enough room. My son has a lot faster internet connection than I do so he has done it for me a couple of times . The last time there wasn't enough room for the whole US so I had to pick a region. I could have put one of the little memory things like cameras use in the Garmin to load more.

    My son gave me a new TomTom for Mothers day but I have only used it once. I knew where I was going and it was trying to send me in the wrong direction. I hate having to learn how to work something new.

  4. oh baruther with the wet hair … same here with my Mother as well as her and all women ~ it seems from that era ~ said that we were not to wash our hair during our ‘time’ and certainly not go swimming. My Mother disliked the wind… period and had me bundled up where I couldn’t move so the wind wouldn’t give me all sorts of diseases … didn’t have to have wet hair. Polio was a huge scare when I was little …

    bless Jeannie! sounds so painful!

  5. I am a firm believer that 'new is not always better' & it sure rings true in the techno field. I think you & I have seen eye to eye on that for a long time now:))

  6. There are a lot of truths in some of those old wives' tales.

  7. I think in our age generation we heard all the home remedy's. When i tell my kids some of them they get such a kick out of them.

    did Jeanie have wisdom teeth removed? I had to have all of mine done since there wasn't enough room in my mouth. Can't understand that since I have always been told what a big mouth I am. Sure hope all goes well for her.