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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bread making

I've mentioned in numerous previous posts that although I was lucky to be born in the great state of Kentucky, I was mostly raised across the Ohio River in Cincinnati.  When I lived there the majority of the population was of German and Irish heritage, and the German-American cuisine is still my favorite.

Lately I have been craving some good German rye bread, and have been surprised that there really isn't much of it on the grocers' shelves.  Today I bought a loaf of Orowheat dark rye and on upacking the grocery bag I opened the loaf and slathered a slice with butter.  I couldn't believe what a tasteless bread it is, and I don't know what to do with the remainder of the loaf.   I am going to get out my old recipes, make a list of ingredients I will need, and make my own rye bread.  I made some good bread, including rye and whole wheat, back in the 1970's and I hope I can do it again.  In the meantime an internet search leads to a local German deli where I will try the bread plus other special German foods.

I'm getting drowsy as I usually do this time of afternoon.  I don't know why I need a nap as I get a good night's sleep every night.  But I won't fight it off!


  1. I agree american bread is so awful compared to the breads in Europe. If you have spent anytime in Europe (seven years in my case), it is hard to accept what passes for good bread here:(

  2. We have earned the right to take a nap anytime we want to. That is one privilege that comes with age.

  3. It takes specialty bakery shops to get any decent bread in the USA.

  4. Check the internet and see if there is a Breadsmith in your area. They have the best bread I've found since I left my German neighborhood in Chicago in 1970.

  5. I don't know what it is about the west but there isn't a decent bread place here either. My dad made his own Italian bread and it was as good as NJ's my sister makes lots of bread too while it is good it still isn't my dads. Someone said to try Panera but there to far away.

    Nap did you say I seem to be doing that more often myself.

  6. Me too!! German stock from Ohio and LOVE rye bread. Bring on the carroway seeds. I can smell it in the oven. yum!!

  7. Gypsy, You really need to try Great Harvest Bread in Folsom - they make everything fresh and grind some of their own flour - they have some breads which they sell every day along with lots of specials which are only baked certain days - they have all kinds of hearty and desert breads and even glutenfree breads - It is so fun to go in their store - they gladly give samples and they are an entire slice - go hungry !! plus they have all kinds of free honey and butters so you can really enjoy your sample slice - It is the best I have ever tasted and I search for their stores when travelling - Enjoy - Cindy in Dayton

  8. A good rye is hard to find ... or is that a man... nah ... rye...

    reminds me of that old Seinfeld episode .. HAhaa... I think making your own sound wonderful ... smell up the entire house with good baking bread smells... good stuff!

  9. P.S. - I have had the Black Forest Rye at Great Harvest and it is the best I ever tasted - also Good Luck making your own - Sounds like FUN ! Cindy in Dayton, Ohio

  10. Looks like some of the Great Harvest stores will do mail order. See:


    I like to splurge ONCE on something that I am not sure about how to make for myself, and then I have an example of what I am trying for.

    Fortunately we have a local German bakery that provides really good products. I'm usually too lazy to go there very frequently, though! I do love seeded rye bread, and they do a really nice loaf.

    Maybe I've just inspired myself! ;->

    Virtual hugs,