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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday - again!

I got up at 7:30 this morning and was surprised that the temperature was 46F.  It's going up to around 80 this afternoon, which is quite a difference.  I love the colder nights we're having now.

I have a real dilemma - I was planning to attend a meeting of a group I'm interested in this Saturday (tomorrow), but I don't want to do a lot of coughing and worry those around me.  I will definitely take a spoonful of cough syrup before I go (if I go) but don't want to double up on it because it containes codeine (though I've certainly never felt the effects of codeine).

To commenter, Judy, who responded to my complaints about the GPS, I have never been a fan of atlases for maps as I normally use AAA state maps since they are larger and more detailed.  I think I will take another look at the ones you mentioned, especially DeLorme's.   I guess my problem with anything in booklet form is having to flip to a different page.  It will take an attitude change for me, I suppose.


  1. I use the DeLorme maps heavily. They tend to be very good until I get a bit remote, then they sometimes show roads which are really just barely hiking trails due to lack of maintenance.

  2. Wonder if lozenges would enable you to go to the meeting without worrying? I have some Ricola natural honey lemon with echinacea ones that work well. Should be available in most drug stores. It's a cough suppressant.

  3. Barney, that's the fun of DeLorme maps! Had Hubby out in the middle of no-where dodging the Border Patrol on a one lane track just south of Carlsbad, NM, one time, on the way to El Paso. They were as surprised as Hubby was. ;>)

    Martha, I like the old fold-up maps for when I'm trying to find a place or route through a city. On another note, we picked up some cherry flavored cough drops at CVS that had a nice flavor and they really worked. Might be an option, if you don't want to take a codeine cough syrup before heading to your meeting.

  4. I suffer from a lot of coughing with allergies. If I keep a Halls triple action in my mough I do OK. I don't worry it around in my mouth I just hold it there. It last longer and seems to work better. You get use to keeping it in place while you are talking.