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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Back to the gym

I had a good workout today and now I'm exhausted.  I went with Jeannie and Donald; restrained myself from rushing to the ladies' room to step on the scale until after my workout.  127!!!!!  If I could lose this belly I've developed since surgery I would probably weigh about 122.

Jeannie is having dental surgery early  Tuesday morning and I will be driving her.  I'm glad I can do something for her in return for all she's done for me, although I'm sorry she has to go through dental surgery.  She will be given a total anesthetic, and they gave her Valium to take an hour before her appointment.  I told her my experience with Valium has been very positive - I really have never been able to feel any effects from it, but just feel calm, which is what I need before dental work as I get so apprehensive about it.

I will be going to bed early tonight, for sure.   I'm hoping the gym workouts will give me some energy.



  1. Yes, it is good that you can return the favor and drive her to the dentist. Although the dentist is the last place I want to go and have been putting it off. I do need to go. . . someday.

  2. Yes to return a favor always makes you feel good.

    Going back to the gym will bring your energy level back. I like they way you bounce right back into the gym. I need a good boot to get me moving

  3. Sorry to hear that your daughter has to get dental work but at least she wont feel much pain and I am sure it must be reassuring to have you with her.

    I admire your exercise ethic.

  4. I hate going to the dentist but going is sure better than suffering the pain. Wish her the best. I had a good friend who was tiny like you and she could never ever get rid of her belly. She worked out all the time and was still stuck with it.

  5. Great that you are back at the gym. Along with my garden, my gym membership is one of the things I miss about not having a stix & Brix. Good luck to Jeannie at the dentist.

  6. Good luck to Jeannie tomorrow. Not only is it nice that you are driving her, but just having you there for her will be reassuring.