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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I will survive

I think I will eventually see some good days, but not quite yet.  The nasal spray is working very well, and my throat is feeling much better.

An internet search on ragweed pollen indicated that in 2013 Sacramento led the nation in ragweed allergies, and so far in 2014 it is running a close second.  That was news to me because I didn't realize ragweed was also in the west.  It sure was always a problem in Cincinnati when I lived there.  Fortunately I've never had allergies to much of anything that I know of, until this year.  If I begin to experience the same thing next year at this time I will head north for a while.  I have winter clothing that is too warm for Sacramento but would be perfect in Idaho or Montana!

The weather forecast was for rain at about 5 am this morning, so before I went to bed I moved the coffee table away from the area with the leaky ceiling.  So far, so good.  No leaks that I can see, but of course it didn't rain for all that long - maybe a couple hours off and on.  The next three days will be in the mid 70's which is a relief to me after all the hot weather.  I guess we can expect some temps in the 80's and 90's now and then, but I can deal with that as long as 70's are the norm.

I have kept myself isolated at home the past few days because I wasn't really certain that I didn't have anything contagious.  After reading up on allergies and their symptoms I can feel certain I am "only" suffering from the allergies and not anything I could spread to others.  So this morning I plan to go to the library.  It will be nice to get out of the house, although I sort of dread coming into contact with whatever is in the air.  I've even closed some of my windows, including the kitchen and those over my bed.  I love sleeping in a cool (cold) room with a good breeze blowing over me, but I'll forgo it for now.

Well, I got myself dressed and am ready to go out this morning.  I'm soooo excited!   You know something has been missing in my life when I'm excited to be driving to the library!  I think human contact is what I've been missing.

I used my new GPS to drive to the library.  I don't think I like it at all - had trouble setting my home address, and where are the "Favorites"???  Now they have an icon for "Apps" (which I think is a ridiculous word to begin with).  But Apps doesn't have the familiar choices, or maybe I just can't find them.  I like being able to search for Parks & Recreation (great for finding soccer fields), and other types of locations.  Apps has a totally different set of choices, none of which look like Favorites to me.  I'll take a further look at it before I return it.


  1. It is always good to get out and about. Although we can travel the world and beyond on the internet, nothing beats going in person.

  2. It sure is allergy season here in FL, I am not sure what I would do with my time if I was not blowing my nose:(

  3. I never had allergies either until about 4 years ago and now they never go away no matter where I am, north, south, east or west. Maybe I'm allergic to myself. I'm beginning to think they just say "allergies" when they don't have a clue why I am constantly clearing my throat and coughing. You know what I think about GPS systems so I won't go into that rant. Glad you are able to get out and about.

  4. The only allergy I have ever developed appears to be my allergic reaction to many types of people. If I stay away from areas where people are I'm fine. Wishing you a speedy recover from that type of allergy you have....

  5. Hope your allergies improve soon. It is always good to get out and about, at least it makes me feel better.

  6. Hahaaaa how I love your rants .. apps is a funny word … but you do know it’s short for applications, at least I think it is … HAHaa

    iPhone’s Maps changed it’s bookmarks thing to Favorites … took me a few seconds AFTER this blankety blank rat bastard update … I’m doing nothing until I get to an Apple store… my ol brain is shorted out from all the googling and applying and figuring and todoing …

    And I think driving to the library is a wonderful way to get back into socializing … ;) At least you’re not in this HOT HUMID Southern buggy tropical HEAT allergy business… itching and nose running is the norm…. hiss

    glad you’re out and about …

  7. I wish it were applying but that word was supposed to be appling ...