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Sunday, October 12, 2014


After months of feeling increasingly better I now feel like crap.   Hopefully this will only last a few more days and I can get back to life again.   The wind is blowing today and I'm not sure if it is blowing more allergens and pollen towards me, or if it is trying to blow them away.  

At least I can sleep at night.  When the doctor asked me what I was taking I mentioned Benadryl at night, and he smiled and said "So you can sleep!"

I recorded a lot of TV programs while I was in NY and have been slowly whittling the list down.  I like them because I can fast forward through the absolutely insane commercials.   I recorded mostly science and history programs, and while most are fairly good, there are some that I delete after just a few minutes of watching them.

I have three - yes 3 - days' worth of dishes in the sink!   When I'll get around to them I'm not sure.  I'm determined to cook something for dinner tonight so I'll probably have to wash dishes before I do anything else.   My mother would be appalled!   It hasn't really bothered me though. 



  1. Insane commercials - so true. I just hate them. Sure hope you start feeling better soon. I can't take Benadryl because it makes my legs so jumpy. But Nyquil works good for me. lol

  2. You don't need to wash the dishes, just get a bigger sink to stack them in.

  3. I have been dealing with Allergies for the past six years, so I know how you feel:( I mostly only watch prerecorded shows. Hate the commercials!

  4. Making my bed, and doing the dishes at night are two things I'm kind of OCD about. I felt like crap yesterday, but I'm on the mend today. Hope you are too.

  5. Lets hope the wind is blowing the junk away and you start feeling better.

  6. 3 days of dishes sitting in the sink is known throughout the world as the BillyBob syndrome.

  7. If you run water onto your dishes as soon as you are finished with them, the "stickies" will not invade and washing them up with a sponge and liquid soap will take less than a minute.

    I find that any small task that I dread getting started on takes on a whole new face if I set a timer to see exactly how long it took me. Most take about a minute or two, and I know I spend longer than that castigating myself for being too lazy to do a simple task and getting it out of the way.

    Virtual hugs,