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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Nurse Gypsy Reporting

I stayed at Jeannie's house last night so I could be up early and have her to the dentist office at 7:10.  We were there for about two hours, then went to Kaiser Permanente to get her pain med Rx filled.  For certain drugs they now require the doctor/dentist to write it out on special paper forms, and it has to be brought into the pharmacy to be filled, as opposed to calling it in.  Finally, they require a consultation with a pharmacist before releasing the medicine to you.  I went through it all and we were on our way - Jeannie dozing off now and then - in a sort of half sleep state.  She was hungry and suggested that we go to La Bou so she could get a bowl of soup, and of course I would never pass up the opportunity to get their BLT on a croissant.  We were both happy with our lunch and she brought some of the soup home with her.  

I think the pain med does relieve most of the pain, but for the most part it makes you drowsy so you sleep through the worst of it.  For myself, I went for the next strongest narcotic after my surgeries earlier this year.   I used to be able to tolerate pain much better than I do now, but I hope I never have to take any of that stuff again because of the side effects.

 I'm going home this afternoon but will come back tomorrow morning, stopping at the donut shop on the way.   Jeannie seems to be craving donuts and I wouldn't mind having a couple myself!


  1. Great to hear that she's finished with it and recuperating. I know you must be very happy to be such great help to her.

  2. That BLT sounds like the ticket. Hope Jeannie is back to normal quickly.

  3. Dang, I could use a nurse like you. Warsh dishes, sweep floors an' stuff like that. Oh yeah, an' maybe pick up my meds....an' a big ol' sammich from Subway.

    LOL....this is funny. Glad to see you are back down to earth from your excit'n trip back east.

  4. Hmmmmm, my comment didn't go to your email. You'll never see it....dang!!!

  5. So glad she is on the road to recovery. Having a nurse like you really makes it a whole lot easier on her.

  6. Hope she will be much better tomorrow. I'm sure she is very happy to have your there with her. And then you had a bonus with the BLT

  7. Glad to hear that the dental work is behind her now but most importantly that she did not feel the pain.

    You are a good nurse and a good mother.

  8. She is so fortunate to have her Mom so close.