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Monday, October 27, 2014

Another do-nothing day

It was cold when I woke up this morning - 39 degrees - time to get out my Lasko heater.  Once I am moving around I won't need the heater as we are looking at a high of 74 today.

Other than a quick trip to the grocery and to the doctor, I haven't been out much the whole month of October.  It's mostly a matter of self-quarantine - I know I'm not contagious but if I start coughing the general public won't be so sure of that.  So rather than alarm others, I've tried to cut down my outings to a minimum - the most people I've been around at one time was last Saturday's meeting that I attended, and the stars must have been in my corner because I didn't sniffle or cough at all the entire time.   I am ready to go back out into the"world" now, but it is not easy.

LATER:  I went outside to sweep some of the leaves that clutter my driveway - the ones that blow over from the Park's trees across the street.  I couldn't believe how quickly I started feeling the effects of allergies.  When I returned from NY one of the first things I did was to sweep up the piles of leaves in my driveway, and that started the whole thing.   I wish it would get down to below freezing some night and maybe it would clear the air.

This morning I looked through my cookbooks and the booklet that came with my breadmaking machine, plus did a search of the internet with the thought of making my own rye bread.   I have also wanted to check out a German deli/bakery about 8 miles from here, and maybe try their offerings.  But the energy just wasn't there, and I don't know where it is going to come from.  I'm planning a high protein meal this evening, so maybe tomorrow I'll feel more like venturing out.

Having watched several tv programs about identity theft I'm feeling a little paranoid.  While I keep away from social media and phones that track one's location, and I don't buy much online, I worry about the online items I do purchase.  Also, while I wouldn't think of using Facebook or Twitter, there IS this blogging world that we are so caught up in.   If you do a search of your name you will be amazed what you come up with.  I found one entry leading to my blog that was half written in the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet and half in our English alphabet, and that is not a good thing.  If anyone has an answer to the dilemma of how to limit the information that is available, I'd sure like suggestions.   Of course, Google is one of the worst offenders - I spent a lot of time trying to remove my surname from  their programs but just haven't been able to do it.


  1. I am not sure you can eliminate all that information from going public. I suppose you could go live as a hermit in a cave in the California mountains.

  2. 39 degrees wow that is nice, well to me anyway. It warmed up here again but they say it is going to cool down some. Sure hope so.

  3. It might help a bit if you wore some sort of nose protection when you are outside stirring up allergens - like raking leaves. Even a paper surgical mask would keep out some of the dust. But there are others that are more robust and can be used more than once. They are for limited-time use, though, because it isn't good to continually rebreathe the same air.

    These are the ones Gary uses routinely:


    Virtual hugs,


  4. I think the idea of wearing a mask is a good one. It really might help with some of those symptoms, Not sure there is anyway to keep the world from knowing everything unless you completely disconnect which is difficult.

  5. I guess because I don't watch TV or listen to the radio much I avoid most of the things they are trying to scare us with. I've never had any identity theft although my daughter has but that was because someone stole her wallet. It was a pain, but she got it cleared up.

  6. I cannot go near leaves. October is my allergy and antibiotic month. I am suffering. Stay in the house. Even if you wear a mask, you bring the allergens inside in your hair and on your clothing. If you have to go out in the yard and rake leaves, wrap up your hair or wash it when you get back inside. Change your clothes. Wash your face and shoes.

    Or, check out living in a bubble, something I considered after a trip to the doctor.