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Tuesday, October 21, 2014


I'm hopeful that things will start looking up again.  I took Jeannie to her appointment this morning, but she declined donuts today.  Another time.

I returned the Garmin GPS to Costco.  I believe it has all the features of my old GPS but they just put new labels on everything, and it takes more steps to get to what I am looking for.  It may work better for someone who is used to i-Phones and Apps, but I'm not going to waste brainpower trying to figure it out.  I'm wondering if a hand-held GPS might be a better idea for me.  I may just do as I usually do for a long trip, and that is to map it out and print it in Mapquest.  It's a time consuming process to force Mapquest to map my preferences in traveling, i.e., no interstate travel.  But in the end I get what I want and have fun in the planning process.

I took another look at my old GPS and it says no maps are available.  Plugging it into my computer, Garmin informs me that I can buy the map set.  When I last updated this GPS it was for "lifetime" maps, and I don't know if I want to give them any more money for what I already purchased.

After the trip to Costco to return the GPS and a trip to Walmart Optical to pick up my new eyeglass lens, I was still early for my doctor's appointment but went in anyway.  They told me they would call me when an examining room was available.  I didn't wait over two minutes until the nurse came to get me - I lost about 3# since last week - and put me in a room to wait for the doctor.  I thought I'd be there for a while because it was still half an hour until my appointment, but he walked in the door just a few minutes later.  I left with a prescription for the Z-Pack antibiotic.  I sure hope to get over this cough very soon as I think it keeps getting worse.  

I like this doctor and may decide to select him as my primary care physician.

 I came home and decided to make myself a protein shake, and included an extra scoop of ice cream!  Got to get those pounds back, although I don't know if it is worth it to have to be obsessed with keeping my weight at a level higher than is comfortable for me to take in calories.  It must be just as bad as having to worry about going over your calorie level and gaining weight.  I look and feel so much better with the extra pounds so I hate to go back to looking anorexic.

The cooler weather - in the 70's - is just great although it's hot in the sun!


  1. Sorry about the donuts, I was looking forward to hearing about them. But glad you like your doctor and hopefully the medicine will send these germs packing.

  2. Z-packs are the best, hope you're feeling better shortly!

  3. hahaaa … waste brain power… I’m a wonderful waster of brain power…sigh ~ yep … as Sherry … get those germs packing …

  4. I bought the lifetime maps for my Garmin, too, and I'm sure not going to be purchasing anything else. Mine is getting kind of old now, but it still does everything I want it to do.

    My feeling about new electronics, etc., is that my mind needs the stimulation, so if something new is still fun and I know I'll get it eventually, I go for it. I think we need new things to keep the brain cells going. :)

  5. Turning down donuts? I did not even know that was a thing-as the kids say:)

  6. My GPS has lifetime maps, but when I first plug it in - there is a screen to purchase maps - but somehow I get it to update without purchasing anything, just clicked on different things on the computer until it started updating.