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Saturday, October 25, 2014

I did go out today

I remained on the fence until about 10 am whether or not I wanted to go anywhere today.  I really didn't feel like it,  but ended up taking a liberal dose of cough syrup and a Claritin, and drove over the Arden area and Coco's restaurant where the meeting is held in a big room reserved for large groups.  I'm glad I went but now that I'm home I am really tired, and I see a nap coming on.

I think I'm a lot better than I was but it will take some time to get my energy back.  I took the last of the Z-pack today.   Regular visits to the gym would be a good start toward energizing!

I'm totally confused - is tonight Halloween?  I thought it was the last day of October, although it would be more convenient for nearly everyone to have it on a weekend.  Since this is a 55+ neighborhood I've never had any trick or treaters, so I will just figure that no one will be around for treats.

Just - three - - steps - - to - the - - couch!


  1. It's good for you to get out for awhile even though it does wear you out. And no it's not Halloween. As far as I know they haven't changed it from the 31st.

  2. Halloween is always October 31rst but maybe because it isn't falling on a week-end Mom's & Dad's are taking the Kids around this week-end. Excessive heat is my biggest energy drainer........

  3. taking a double dose of cough medicine and Claritin would make me run for the couch too. LOL glad you went to the meeting and got out of the house.