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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Just sitting around on Saturday

I woke up about 4 a.m. and got my binoculars to look out the window to see the stars.  Without turning on the light I picked up a notebook and pencil and drew circles from left to right to represent the bright stars I saw - when I looked at the drawing this morning I think I need to try it again but with a flashlight!  I found a starchart and was able to tentatively identify the stars I was looking at, and I hope to get a more definitive answer by tomorrow morning.  I should just go outside and sit in a chair for an hour or so but I hate to take a chance on falling asleep in my back yard!  I would love to live somewhere I had a better view of the night skies, but that hasn't happened since Ireland.  I should probably try to find a local amateur stargazers' group to join.

I went to the farmers' mkt this morning, and did a few little things around the house today, but mainly I just vegetated.  I was under the impression that it was easier to travel from east to west than from west to east, but I must have it backwards.   I'm still having a terrible time adjusting.  It couldn't be my age having anything to do with it, could it?

I ordered a new Garmin GPS from Costco Online and hope to get it early next week.  I haven't been able to get the old one to work.  I normally only use it when traveling - not because I need it for directions, but mostly because I can see the speed I'm going and track the miles to my destination.   All models seem to be proud of the fact that street names are used, which is fine if you are traveling around a city, but useless on the highway.   My old Garmin would still be referring to a street name when I was 100 miles past the town and the road reverted back to the route number.   I hope the new one has an option to use route numbers where available, but I doubt if it will.

I certainly hope I'm getting closer to normal by tomorrow.  I've caught up on sleep so I don't know why I'm still feeling like I'm in another world.


  1. Are you anywhere near Borrego Springs? They are having a star party from October 23 through the 26th. Here is a link for more information: http://nightfallstarparty.com/

  2. Dark skies are one of the hardest things to find in this country anymore. Even the National parks that are part of the "Starry Starry Night Tour" have towns and cities glowing at their base. And no one seems to care much about the ridiculous amount of unnecessary light pollution. There is NO evidence at all that it makes us safer. A porch light blinds you and makes it easier for the bad guy to see in. So stupid. sorry for the rant. Noise and light pollution are hot topics for me.

  3. My guess is the new GPS will still use street names from the last town. So, get ready to drive Madison Ave for 150 miles. :)

  4. I am going to try something with my new TomTom tomorrow I know it has voice command but I don't know if I can tell it where I want to go and it will set it. I hope the fool who stole the last one was happy to have it. It was old and couldn't be updated anymore.

    I think the best place to really get a good look at stars is when your out camping. Maybe you can go out soon.

  5. Finding a local amateur stargazers' group is a great idea.

    I would tell you to come down to Terlingua which is the best place I have found to stargaze but I know that it is a long ways from your home.

  6. Here at Grant Co Park there is a local astronomy club that comes out one a month in the summer and a couple of times in the winter for a star party. They bring out their big telescopes and let you look through them. The schedules are on the internet for Santa Clara County Parks.