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Monday, September 30, 2013

Paducah, KY

I am enjoying my visit here so much.  Haven't gone out much at all but just have had a wonderful time yakking away with my aunt and uncle.  Also, my genealogist cousin came by and drove me around Paducah some, but he was having trouble with his Jeep so we didn't go far.

Celeste and cousin Andrew:

Aunt Celeste and Uncle Joe: 

A real treat was having a visit from Caryn, who blogs as "Night Sky", and who drove up from Tennessee and met me for lunch at the Flamingo Restaurant:

 I couldn't resist taking a photo of this little darling at the restaurant.  I was told it was a "she":
 She responded to all the servers who came up next to her aquarium and tapped on it and seemed to enjoy the attention.

I wanted to catch up a bit, and will try to make another post tomorrow to bring you up to where I am tonight.  I'll no doubt be back in Paducah for another couple of nights before moving on towards California.


  1. Glad you're having a great time in Paducah!

  2. I am sure glad you are having such a great trip. Keep the posts comeing. Love traveling along with you through your blog.

  3. She is a cutie. How marvelous that you're having such a good, relaxed time.

  4. I am absolutely thrilled to see you having such a grand time, Gypsy! yay!

    love it

  5. Paducha is a place I've never been. But if your roots are there, I'm not surprised that you really loved North Carolina. That's how I felt when I came to Virgina. My people moved from there to Ohio in the 1840's. Coming back felt like coming home even though I'd never been there. Keep up having such a great time!

  6. Your cousin is not very short is he? lol Nice visit your having. And its nice that your staying a while to enjoy.

  7. It's really nice when you can visit with family. And that little She in the glass is sure loving up the heat lamp....