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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wed., Aug 21, 2013

I got through Duluth yesterday easier than I thought was possible, and traveled east on Hwy. 28.  I would have driven US 2 but it was much longer distance-wise, so I decided to do both, cutting down to US 2 further east.

Unfortunately last night I stayed in the buggiest campground I have ever been in.  When I got out of the car the bugs were all over me - I had to keep brushing them off to apply Bug Guard.  The Bug Guard didn't help much and I got into my tent in late afternoon.  That is no way to spend the daylight hours.  I had driven to the point where I just didn't want to drive any further, although another few miles would have gotten me to a motel along US 2.

I fell asleep early but woke up to a flashlight shining around but wasn't too worried when I realized it was a guy calling his dog, or his kid, or maybe both.  This was at midnight, and I heard a woman calling to kids and more dogs.  One dog had a "lab bark" and a couple more were the little yappy kind.  The man must have been gathering firewood and it wasn't long when I saw a couple of huge bonfires - big enough that I was slightly worried about them getting out of control.  I went back to sleep but woke up several times again during the night, finally getting up about 6:30. 

I packed my tent quickly and got ready to leave - I drove past a big motorhome which is how the other party must have avoided the bugs.

I knew I didn't have far to go to get to the bridge, but stopped to take a couple of pictures of Lake Michigan.

I was driving over the bridge at 8 am, wondering why in the world I had worried about it.  A bridge is a bridge, and I have driven over many of different lengths and heights, and the Mackinac Bridge is a piece of cake.  I had no traffic but there was the roadwork - at least two places where they closed the right lane.  No problem.

Pictures of Lake Huron:  Note the ducks in the first, and a freighter in the 2nd.

Further along the eastern shore of Michigan I stopped at a lighthouse and museum, but was disappointed that I couldn't climb the stairs.  The man in the gift shop said that it is still a working lighthouse and the Coast Guard only allows visitors to go up on weekends. 

I stopped at 1 pm this afternoon at a lovely little motel with friendly owners who say they might have a bonfire tonight.  Right now I'm going to take a shower and wash my hair, and hope I get rid of all the bugs.

This morning I hated Michigan and would never come back.  Now that leaving Michigan will happen tomorrow, I know I will miss it.  I really love the UP but now know to never camp there in the summer time.  I doubt if I will ever travel in the summertime, except maybe close to home. 

I forgot to include this photo - I think it is "bittersweet"?  I know it is used in a lot of dried arrangements, but I like it growing on the bush and up close.


  1. Funny what a difference one day makes isn't it? It's pretty much the adage of my life too. giggle

    I read the other day - don't know if it's true, but mint helps with bugs/bug bites. Just a thought.

    And I don't mind riding in a car over a bridge, but I HATE driving on them. I always feel like I am going over. Probably has something to do with my fear of exposed heights - which is really my only one.

    Take care! Thanks again for your kindness to my daughter ::love!:: and I want a full update about your food.

    'Cause y'know I am ALL about the food, don'tcha' Gypsy? hee

    Hugs and much love, JG

  2. I just hate bugs! Luckily we've had very few of them since we got to Maine but today on a trail early in the morning the mosquitos were awful but cleared up about 10:00 so I think I'm going to start hiking later. Seems the bugs like early morning and early evening at least around here. I had thought about doing the Great Lakes for summer next year but you and Judy are making me rethink my plan with the hot temperatures and the bugs.

  3. So sorry you hated Michigan but then decided you don't.. lol. I loved the UP and Lake Superior and all around. Seems I was there in late summer.

    Maybe I was just lucky and missed the bugs. don't recall any. I recall double rainbows and the Painted Rock National Park.... gorgeous.

    Glad you're feeling good!

  4. I tried to go fishing on a small river in Michigan and couldn't even breathe the bugs were so bad. Had to run back to the car. Unbelievable!!

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  7. Nice pictures the lake is pretty and the surrounding area. Hate bugs but they love me.

  8. I couldn't handle the bugs. No way, no how. Happy to hear you drove over the bridge. I figured you could do it.

  9. You deserve a great meal and a good nights sleep..