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Friday, August 30, 2013

Trip to West Point

My son took me along today on a trip to West Point.  He didn't realize there is a game this evening, and the buses, motorhomes, etc. had started rolling in - shade tents set up, tailgating, and all the fun things associated with attending a football game.  Fortunately we were leaving when the bulk of the crowds starting coming in.

Nothing else is happening and I'm tired from the trip to the Commisary and PX.  

Because it's the beginning of the holiday weekend I decided to postpone the trip to Hyde Park and Eleanor's cottage until maybe next Tuesday or Wednesday.


  1. Nothing worse than a college town on a football day. We never went near Charlottesville then. Good call to wait until after the week-end for your visit to Eleanor.

  2. I keep forgetting about this weekend holiday thing. I was going to go shopping tomorrow because I didn't even realize it was Friday today. Guess I won't be going to Walmart this weekend.

    I bet that was a large crowd gathering for that game.

  3. Now I would have enjoyed seeing all of those young men in uniform. :)