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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Searching for Lake Ontario

What a disappointment to find that the shores of Lake Ontario, as many of the other Great Lakes, are in private hands.  Today I could only snap a photo from afar while on the Ontario Lake Parkway.  Every time I tried to turn down a road that looked promising it ended up being private.  I'm hoping to see more tomorrow.

I did find something unexpected in the little town of Medina - The Erie Canal:  the bridge going over the canal is a also a drawbridge!

Here are two photos I snapped from the Parkway, a divided highway with a very wide median strip, and mostly large trees on the lake side.  If you get a break in the trees you get to see the fine houses lining the lake.  I wouldn't waste a picture on those.

I only drove 90 miles or so today.  The campground was comfortable, quieted down early, and I got a good night's sleep.  There was heavy dripping dew all over everything when I finally got up this morning.  I wiped off the tent fly as best I could, although the dew reappears immediately.  So I've packed a wet fly; the tent stayed relatively dry but as soon as I removed the fly the moisture tried to land on the tent.  I got that down in a hurry, but everything needs to be air and sun dried soon.

I'm in a motel in Rochester, hoping to get a load of laundry done.  I'm ready to cry over this place, which is nice enough, but the doors are almost impossible for me to handle.  I've bruised and cut myself just trying to get through them.  I asked for a room near an outside door so I wouldn't have to carry my bags far from where I parked the car.  They have me in a spot not to my liking, but I know the desk clerk tried and had no idea what I really was asking for.  She's too young!

I've found several things on the map I'm interested in, as well as trying to find camping.  Seneca Falls is nearby and I might try to get by there.  Tonight, Saturday, is the hardest time to find camp sites available - I've already tried a couple of places.  As long as there isn't any rain in the forecast I'll sleep in my tent the next couple of days, I hope.

Several readers have commented that I'm making "good time", which never really figured in my planning.  I had "x" number of days to work with, and way more things I could think of to see than I could fit in those days.  I'm glad in the long run that I decided not to go into Canada, as I would probably not have gotten to Lake Ontario if I had.  Of course, I still need to get a good look at Ontario, and I hope to tomorrow.

I think the Great Lakes are national treasures for both the U.S. and Canada.  It is so sad that so much of the shorelines in the U.S. are held privately, and it's really difficult to determine where there is public access.  I thought about going into a State Park today, one of those that had no camping sites available, but I'm not sure how much if any lake access I would have had from the park.  It sure wasn't advertised.  I still think Michigan features Lake Huron in the best possible way, but I can only say that from the little I've seen, so don't take my word for it.

Thanks to those who responded to my questions about the Edmund Fitzgerald.  Of course it happened in Lake Superior.  I think what threw me was that there are so many verses in the song, and all the Great Lakes are mentioned in it.  And I should have known the singer was Gordon Lightfoot.

I hope tomorrow is a better day for lake viewing as well as for camping.


  1. http://lakehuroncoast.com/Camping.html

    Not sure what city you are near, but a quick Google trip produced the above and plenty of other choices. Maybe one of the parks is near where you are, or want to be. I just entered Lake Huron camping Michigan , but you could add the city to narrow it down some.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Hi, Gypsy. My husband and I so much agree with you about the lack of access to our "national treasures"! When we first started going north to escape TX heat, we went to Wisconsin--the Algoma, Kewaunee area. We were amazed, how, in the space of about 3 years, access became more and more limited. Huge mansions and private boat ramps. Then we discovered the North Shore of MN. Thank God for Judge Magney who was so instrumental in preserving the coast of Lake Superior!! Two years ago we made the drive from Grand Marais to Thunder Bay. You were wise not to bother; the road doesn't stay near the Lake. We were excited to stay at the KOA in Thunder Bay. BUT!! When we got there, to our dismay, we discovered there was no access at all to the Lake anywhere near the campground. All in private hands. Even the City Park in Thunder Bay was being "improved" in such a way that it was limiting because of private interests. Money. Runs the world. Hope the rest of your trip is enjoyable!

  3. Maybe if the tent is really damp you can throw it in the dryer at the hotel. Just a thought.
    To bad they sell off all the beauty on the lakes so everyone can't enjoy there beauty

  4. Hope you get some rest and give your hands a break. So sad about the lakes. But it's everywhere.

  5. You are keeping me on the edge of my seat thinking about your whereabouts. I hope you have a restful night..

  6. Seneca Falls is gorgeous ... If you haven't been there, I highly recommend it ~ the entire Finger Lakes Region is really gorgeous if you haven't been. I just loved it there. Adirondacks ... went to the museum... gorgeous area!

    I hate it when they don't recognize the fact that we old women need to park in front of our room~ I explain I hate tons of stuff to tote in ... when I stayed in a motel, it was usually for longer than a night and I got caught up with laundry and rearranging Homer ...

    I took everything out and cleaned... I would say 3 out of 5 times I was accommodated primarily because I am a squeeky wheel and we get the grease ... y'know... lol

  7. Had you crossed into Canada at Port Huron we are only an hour & twenty minutes north of there right on Lake Huron. Compared to what you described along Lake Ontario, we have lots of beach access in our area of Lake Huron. Been quite a few years since I've been along the Canadian side of Lake Ontario & Lake Erie but I remember there were a lot of little villages with beach access. But with the way things are changing, who knows now. Good for you in making this trip such a great success.....

  8. Rochester ! my birth place.
    I grew up in Spencerport... I nice little town along the Erie Canal with a lift bridge as well.
    If you had camped at Hamlin Beach State Park... between Medina & Rochester.... you would be looking right at Lake Ontario !


  9. I have always thought that like our national parks, our natural waterways belong to the people and thus should have an easement all along their shores with access to the real owners. The wealthy are definitely getting out of hand. Who said "money is the route of all evil"?? That's not a cliche.

  10. The Finger Lakes area of NY is a gorgeous place. I hope you take the time to enjoy it to the fullest.

  11. If you're still in Western NY when you read this, you HAVE to visit 1 of the regional treasures - any Wegmans supermarket. There in communities as far east as Syracuse. Best supermarket in the U.S. (really - rated that way!) and worth the visit (plus food is great and so are prices!) By the way, the Medina bridge and other similar ones are lift bridges..the go up on both sides. Kids used to be able to ride on them when they went up. Of course govt stopped that fun because of it being too much fun and therefore probably dangerous. Lynn Kingston NY