Eastern Utah
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I have been in recuperation mode since arriving yesterday.  What a joyous reunion - those boys are keeping me on my toes.  

First of all they periodically ask if they can help me bring some more things in from my car, which means they can open the hatch and climb into the back, exploring everything there.  The first thing Justin (almost 5 yr old) found when he got in the back yesterday was my walking stick.  He said, "Oh is this for me?"  I told him that it was mine, and he asked "But where is mine?".  This went on and on until I told him that he would require a very special stick, a shorter one, and that we would have to find one that would fit him.  Judy, you would make a great hit in these parts!  I could get each of them a walking stick and in minutes they'd be swinging them at each other.  I don't think that would be a good idea!  Boys!

They really have been helpful and I can tell they've prepared for my visit.  We looked at the maps they kept updated from my travels, and Josh was excited that he was the one who found Schroeder, MN after they all looked for quite some time.  Schroeder is on Lake Superior and I stayed in a motel there one night.

This morning I watched cartoons with them and it brought back memories of having little boys - they constantly are at each other, play fighting, pretending they are hurt by the other, etc.  Mostly I could break it up fairly quickly.  To my question of what did they want for breakfast they responded "coffee cake".  That's something I always get for myself when I'm in the east and I can see I spoiled them too.  So today I went shopping and came back with coffee cake.

It's warm and on the muggy side, and the humidity feels good on my skin.  I truly prefer a bit of humidity to the total dryness of CA and the west, although I know it can get to be oppressive after a while.  

Here's a photo of the boys showing me the 5# Hershey Bar their dad won.
I think I will sit out on the back deck and wait for the deer to start moving from the woods and across the backyard.  There is a lot of wildlife in those woods and maybe I can even glimpse the wild turkeys or the red fox!


  1. Relaxing and coffee cake. You are doing good there girl. Enjoy those boys and the other wildlife you might see.

  2. Do those deer up in the north east still have the ticks that carry disease? I love to see wildlife of all kinds. Deer are beautiful animals.

  3. Sure looks and sounds beautiful! I like coffee cake no matter where I am. gooood stuff

  4. Those boys are very cute. I'm surprised they haven't eaten that big chocolate bar. Keeping you on your toes sounds like just what they are doing. Keep on having fun with them!!

  5. I'm afraid I don't have any little people walking sticks. You sound very happy to have arrived in New York.

  6. OH coffee cake and coffee I remember the coffee cake so well.
    The boys are so cute and I can tell happy to have you there.

  7. Glad you made it in one piece and for that coffee cake it's OK but it can't hold feather to our Philadelphia Crumb Cake and Pretzel's and Cheese Steaks.... Nice boys but watch out for them