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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Anxious to get going!

The first thing I did this morning was laundry, including the bed linens.  It's all hang drying in the sun, and I just have to remember to go get it before dark!

I drove to Costco for gas ($3.59/gal) and then went into the store for a few additional items.  When I got to the checkout I couldn't find my Costco card which I had put in my pocket along with the debit card when I got gas.  The cashiers were so nice and one of them went to get me a temporary card until I found my old one or requested a new one.  While she was at the Membership counter I frantically dug through my pockets umpteen times and then through my purse, where I finally found it stuck into my checkbook.  I'm so glad and appreciate the patience and helpfulness of the cashiers.

When I unloaded my car and got in to start it I couldn't remember if I put the cart in the corral or if it was still sitting out by the tailgate.  Of course I had walked it over to where it belonged, but I think I'm struck with a real lack of focus this morning.  Surprisingly I'm still calm.

In my comments yesterday about the employees of Bel Air wanting to help me out to the car with my groceries, I was making a little fun of myself and my big strong muscles.  I know they ask everyone who goes through the line if they need help to their car, but in my case yesterday they almost insisted!  I'm sure it was because of the heavy case of water, but who do they think lifted it into my cart?  I appreciate help when I need it and even sometimes when I don't.  But when I don't want help and say so, they should leave it alone.

This is Jeannie and me before we left for the Old Spaghetti Factory:

The first picture is of my sister (Amy) and Stephanie, and the second is Donald, Jeannie and the girls.  We had a very good dinner and enjoyed being together.  Stephanie told me she will be in Philadelphia on or about the 17th of Sep., so we will get together and all celebrate Bill's birthday (my ex).  When their grade school had a day for grandparents' to have lunch with the kids, Bill always sat with Ara, Katy and Stephanie.

Steph said we could go into the historic downtown together which would be great for me as it will be a lot more fun to enjoy the sights with another person.  Then she plans to go on to New York City and spend a few days with her sister, Katy, and I will head south to the Shenandoah.

I think I'm really going to have fun meeting up with people on my trip, and I can't wait to get started.  I'll catch y'all later.


  1. For some reason I thought today was take off day. Is it tomorrow?

  2. I know what you mean - of course now that I shop almost exclusively at Wal-Mart, I don't have to worry about anyone helping me with my purchases.

    I remember, though, before when someone would help me out with something really heavy, I'd always ask if they would follow me home and bring it into the house for me. ;) I have actually asked an employee to load things into my cart, though. Sometimes an item is just too heavy to lift over the sides of the cart.

    Hey - good luck tomorrow - I hope you get some sleep tonight. :)

  3. "who do they think lifted it into my cart".....absolutely correct! Way to go! That used to happen to me just a few years ago with 25 or 50# of horse feed. If I put it in the cart, I can get it in the car. But they do mean well.

    Bet you are counting down the hours to blast off. Can't wait to go with you. SAFE TRAVELS!!

  4. Count down is on. Lack of focus when I get all excited is why we have a checklist for take off. Sure hope you have some good internet so you can post and let us know how it's going.

  5. I, too, miss place stuff I just used. I guess my short term memory is going. What did I just say? (grin)

  6. Wishing you a safe and wonderful start to your trip. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have Fun!!!

  7. Travel safe Gypsy and enjoy all you see.

  8. Bon voyage, Gypsy. I am looking forward to your reports. You are a tough cookie driving accross the country all by yourself.

  9. yeah, for some reason I thought today was lift off... what a nice day with family you had...

    Really looking forward to your next post! yay

  10. Happy Travelling.

    I'm thrilled for you that this long awaited trip is beginning.


  11. Your family is so cute. I just love when you post pics of them having a good time with you. :)

    Oh - and the Spaghetti Factory? I love that place [when I am not discussing food? hee] I sorely miss ours out here on the East Coast as they closed it down. But boy for chain spaghetti I could've eaten it every night. :)