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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oops, forgot pics taken at Lava Beds

I realized I didn't post anything from Lava Beds National Monument.

I visited the camphosts when I arrived because I wanted a site that had a tag on the post - the date was for today but there was no one there and the date didn't match the day they wrote down.  The hosts and I had a nice chat and they suggested several sites that I might like.  I found one that had to be the largest in the park.  The first two pics are taken at the V.C. with the Stanley Brothers, Carter & Ralph.

The next few are of the camp site looking in several directions.

After setting up I went back to the VC and let the rangers talk me into trying a cave walk.  There are many caves of various difficulties in this park - formed by molten lava rushing through.  I took the easy one, which was also the shortest, and which had a few lights on all the time.  The problem was that the floor ramped up and down and the ceiling dropped in some places so that you had to hunch over to walk through.  I bumped my head on a too-low ceiling.

Later that day I thought about trying Sentinel cave, which is also classified as easy, the ceiling remains high enough you can walk upright, but the floor can be rocky.  Also, the only way you can see anything is with a flashlight.  I decided against it because of the possibility of the floor being rocky and uneven, and the fact that I haven't been doing so well with rocks lately!

When I was getting ready to take down my tent I saw little pawprints all around the tent.  I don't know what they were from, and i know it's hard to see them in the photo.

This is my little one burner propane stove, which works exceptionally well for me so far.  It's a lot easier to use and less cumbersome than any propane stove I've had.

I loved the area and would like a chance to come back here another day, possibly in spring or fall.  I might even take another cave tour, and then just enjoy the clean air and peacefulness about the place.  I had looked forward to brilliant night skies but they really never came, and I think it could have something to do with the haze from the fire in southern Oregon.

Remember you can click on a picture to enlarge it.  Also remember to read the post I wrote last night.  Somehow I forgot to write anything about my stay at Lava Beds National Monument.


  1. good morning, Gypsy... I like your stove and look at your Melitta coffee maker... love it. brings back some good morning memories at a campsite.

    oh man.. no way ... hunching over in a cave? oh, baruther

    glad too see ya!

  2. Don't believe we ever stayed at Lava Bed National Monument. Looks like it might be a good place, as long as you can bring an RV. We don't do the tent thing any longer. Your little stove looks neat. We have had one that looked like that, but it required butane instead of propane, and that made is awkward. Can't find those butane canisters very often.

  3. In the first picture the prints looked like they were from a rabbit to me.

  4. Looks like the Stanley Brothers are having a wonderful time. Great pictures of the area.

    I like that little stove too.

  5. Maybe a baby Sasquatch was outside your tent doing the Rhumba. Probably lives in that cave you were in. Bet he was checking out that groovy little one burner stove of yours:))

  6. Love seeing you out exploring. You sound great. Glad your equipment is proving to be just what you need. I often feel too like I haven't gotten to stay in this place as long as I would like and will have to return. Safe travels.

  7. What kind of stove is it? I'm in the market for one, and haven't taken the time to check them out in person yet. The reviews for all of them on Amazon have at least on bad review for each of them, and it is hard to tell what is user error.

  8. Caves...I don't think so for me. Too claustrophobic. Even if I could stand up. I know there are people who love them, and I am glad there are. I agree it is good to hear the excitement back in your voice. Know you must be loving your time out. Now to keep you safe!