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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Voyageurs National Park

I pulled into the state forest campground near Voyageurs National Park and found a site, set up my tent, determined that I have wi-fi, and found that I'm going to be eaten alive with tiny little bugs I can't see.  I don't know how I'll survive!

I drove here via a little detour to International Falls.  It was too early to get a motel room and after calling several places I figured I might as well move on.  I drove around some, nearly got into the lane that goes across the border, but didn't find anything that I particularly wanted to do for the rest of the day and evening.  

I've been to the V.C. at Voyageurs and they recommended a couple of campgrounds.  It's a shame I didn't arrive a couple of days later, as on Wednesday a Ranger takes 8-10 people out in one of the big Voyageurs canoe and paddles around some of the islands in the vicinity.  As long as I don't have to hold a paddle I think I would love it, but I would never want to stay here by myself for four more days, so I'll probably move on tomorrow.

I had thought seriously about going into Canada and driving the circle around Lake Superior.  Everyone I've talked to about it says that it is very expensive, both for campsites and for fuel, groceries, etc.  I will drive along Superior in a couple of places, and I think I will take in the U.P. of Michigan - still can't decide on whether to drive over "that bridge" and down into Michigan.  I just might do it, especially since I determined you can have someone drive your car across for you if you don't want to do it.  That would require me to really clean out my car and empty the front passenger seat so that I could ride across the bridge as well.

I took some pictures of the bunkhouse before I left.  There are two bedrooms with 2 beds each, and two large bathrooms with showers.

On the way out of the Refuge this morning I saw an animal waddling up the middle of the road in front of me.  I took several pictures through the dirty windshield and finally he turned into the ditch at the side of the road.  As I pulled up next to him with my window down he looked like he was ready to throw his quills at me, and he certainly gave me a malicious look!  I wish I could have gotten better pictures of him - actually he was quite colorful when he drew himself up and puffed out those quills.

The wind is blowing through the trees and sounds like rushing water.  I had to prop the Flat Stanley family up to take a picture.

I also took a photo of a couple of very pretty toadstools in back of my tent.

I want to mention the walking stick handmade and given to me by Judy.  It is not only gorgeous, it adds to my balance when I am walking over uneven ground, sort of like a third leg.  I am going to rely on it for years to come, and I am so grateful to Judy for creating it for me! 

This is going to end up being the noisiest campground yet for this trip.  Someone is running what sounds like a powerful leaf blower, but I don't know why anyone would be using one of those on a Saturday in a state park.  There is a large noisy group down the road that have among other vehicles, a pickup truck with an ATV in the bed.  Whatever this noise is it isn't moving anywhere at least now.  Ah, I don't really care what they do.


  1. It's probably a generator making that noise.

  2. I drove the motorhome across the Mackinac bridge... Not a bad experience... The trucks have to go 20 mph, so just fall in with them and go really slow... The bridge doesn't shake or anything and the outer lanes where the trucks drive are solid concrete so you don't have to look at the water at all....... unless you want to......

  3. I haven't seen a porcupine in a lot of years. They are a neat but prickly animal.

  4. I just loved Voyagers NP. We did one of those ranger paddle trips in the big voyager canoes. It was one of the best things we did on a month long trip through the Great Lakes. Everyone loved it. Might be worth the wait. If you go to the UP, try a perogie.

  5. Those nasty bugs you can't see may be no see-ums(sp) where some really good bug spray. They can leave a nasty bite. That was a nice place you got to stay in when visiting Judy.

  6. Haven't seen a porcupine in a long time - fun to see him. I think you should do what Rod said and go over the bridge. In the center lane you aren't going to see very much and probably won't even know you're over the water. Love your walking stick. Sure wish Jim would use his more often.

  7. THAT'S a bunkhouse? Pretty swank. ::grin::

    And I think I could complete my bucket list if I could see a porcupine in the wild. I collect things/figurines with them on it - I don't know why, not exactly the cuddliest little guys, but what can I say? I like 'em. Cool pics.

    Be safe. Thinking of you. xo

  8. A walking stick can make a huge difference in how much walking one can manage. I have one that has a sharp point at the end, or it can be covered with an included rubber gizmo to make it easier on hard ground. The handle screws off to reveal a mount for my camera, so it can be used as a monopod. One bad point, though, is that it works ONLY when one remembers to take it along! ;->