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Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Tires

This morning I got two new rear tires for the Highlander, and a wheel alignment (haven't had one since I bought the car).  I asked for and got USA manufactured tires!  They didn't reset the tire pressure monitoring system properly so I'll drive by there tomorrow, possibly on the way to the Roosevelt's.  (In the meantime my son reset it himself.)  I had the same problem when the guy in Fargo patched the tire - by next morning when I was leaving the warning came on, and I had to drive by the shop to get it reset.  I wish I could disconnect the whole tire warning system.  When I picked up the bolt in my tire outside Fargo, the warning light didn't ever come on and the tire was flat by the time I stopped.  I'd hate to rely on it.

I had somewhat of a wait in air conditioning that nearly froze me to death!  I walked outside for a bit but it was cool out there as well.  The manager turned up the temp on the A/C for me and it helped a bit.

I noticed one of the odometer settings shows that I drove about 4800 miles to get here.  I estimated a bit less than that, and it would have been several hundred additional miles had I gone through Canada as planned.  Now I need to get an oil change and I'll be set until I get back to California.

Now to relax a bit, maybe sit out on the deck.  I still haven't seen a deer since I've been here although my daughter-in-law tells me there are greater numbers of them than ever.  They must be taking a different route than through the back yard.



  1. I love the security of having good tires on the vehicle. Next year for us. I think the deer just know you are waiting for them and are going to make it a challenge for you to see them.

  2. Always a nice secure feeling having new tires on a vehicle. Put all new tires on our Jeep before towing it home last Spring. Too bad you didn't make it through Southern Ontario Canada, we could have had ourselves a Gabfest:))

  3. Glad you got new tires and not driving on the plugged one.

    Catching up now on the rest of your journey east, I got behind a few weeks while we were camphosting. Never enough time!

    Karen and Steveio
    RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. New tires - GREAT! Makes you feel so safe. I know what you mean about the air conditioning being up way too high. I have to take a jacket or a sweater to go into the grocery store. Who pays their electric bills and why does it have to be COLD? Won't cooler than outside by a few degrees work given the dehumidifying effects of AC??

  5. Good to hear that!It must feel like having a new pair of shoes..lol! I have been going through pictures of an apple orchard not too far from us and was looking at pictures of deer eating apples. We don't see them here but down below. I don't like to be cold when in a public place especially if I am eating..burrr!

  6. I just bought 4 new tires when I came home. The ones on the truck were ok but for all the traveling I want to do I felt better having USA tires and heavy duty.

    Some times the deer hide out for a bit. Hope they make an appearance for you soon.

  7. New tires is a very safe feeling for traveling ... especially as far as you have gone or will go...

    hope you see your deer ;)