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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sat, Aug 10

After eating prepared foods up until now, I was fixin' to cook some red rice and beans tonight.  Even planned on having a campfire, but at 4:30 you could see the angry clouds moving closer, and at 5:30 all hell broke loose.

I had brought everything to the car except the tent, and I'm sitting in the car right now.  My tent withstood the wind and rain, but when I went to get my sleeping bag out of it I found it was damp in places.  I spread it out as much as I could in the car and it's drying quickly.  I should have sprayed some waterproofing on the fly before I left but didn't have time, and that will be something I'll take care of very soon.

The rain stopped and the sun is shining low through the trees.  I just ate some peanut butter crackers and probably won't do anything but snack now.

I've had the best of times and the worst of times on this trip, but am I going to let adversity get the best of me?  Hell no, I'm not!  This rain storm wasn't even among the worst of times.  I see a few people leaving the campground, including a Class C.  Now what the hell does he have to worry about.  This is one time when I envy the RVers - they can just batten down the hatches, cook their supper and dine leisurely, and stay dry!

I'm not getting much of a signal and don't want to run down the batteries too much, so I'll post again tomorrow if I can.


  1. Happy to hear the more upbeat attitude!

  2. And a little rain must fall. Hey, send it down this way, we need it.

  3. I use a 150 watt inverter to power the lap top charger while I am traveling. Just plug the inverter into the power port and plug the charger into the inverter. The inverter came from Walmart for about $25.

  4. I've spent quite a few evenings/nights in ol Homer in the rain ... had a great booklight and listened to music ... worked crosswords ~ Sudoku ... read... I read an entire book one rainy day in Sand Point, Idaho. very nice.

    Glad I always carried eat in Homer stuff. In fact, I still eat what I carried in Homer to eat.

    Glad your tent didn't blow away! good job of staking ;)

  5. Just take it easy and be safe. But I do agree with you, rain? What rain? So, you camped in the car. You're a trooper and that's what I love about you.

    I hope you get your red beans and rice tonight and it stays dry for you.

    It is raining AGAIN here, so I make no promises when you finally reach the east coast. But I am thinking an Ark might not be a bad idea. hee

    Love you! xo JG

  6. That's the spirit. At least you were able to stay high and dry in your car. I have seen many campers try and hang out in the tents when a big rain comes up. Not me, they get too wet too easy. I like the dry weather. But love to hear the rain on the roof of the RV.

  7. I tent camped for years. 3 and 4 weeks at a time but now I'm sure I would have to relearn everything I knew then. Great attitude. Next time it rains just grab the sleeping bag and throw it in the car with you.