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Monday, August 19, 2013

Today is a new day!

I appreciate the concern, but I think I'm doing fine now.  What little I had in my stomach came up and from then on I got better.  What a waste of a fine huge lodge room, with the largest bathroom I've seen in a long time.

I've noticed that all across the northern states farmers are making hay while the sun shines!

Although I could barely get a glimpse of the Lake through my window at the Lodge, I couldn't see anything but trees.  It stormed early this morning and on my drive toward Grand Marais I couldn't get much of a decent picture.  I took several photos with my b&w film camera and will be anxious to see how they turn out.

At Grand Marais I visited a camp store to get something to waterproof my tent.  I will have to take care of it when I'm in NY as it has to be cleaned and dried overnight, then treated the next day.

I also stopped at the Cook County Organic Food Co-op next door to the outfitter and picked up some good stuff to eat.  Believe me, the peanut butter crackers was all I had left.  I've eaten several packs of them with lunch, but at breakfast on an empty stomach was a bad idea.

I didn't stay any longer on the Lake Superior Drive from Duluth to Canada - for one thing a view of the Lake is a rarity.  I had planned to drive Rte 13 along Superior's Wisconsin shore, but noticed on the map that much of it was pretty far away from the water.  I ended up on US 2 which I love.  I traveled it west a year or so ago.

I'm stopped at a motel that has a perfect view of the Lake across the road.  

Being in Wisconsin is like being with an old friend.  I don't know why, but especially the northern part of the state calls to me.  I'll be entering the UP of Michigan tomorrow morning and still have in mind to drive across the bridge.

I just got back from walking over to the Lake and got a few pictures.

I think I can clarify the noise at the campground a couple of nights ago.  You can burn downed wood in the campfire ring, and while I look for the small & medium size sticks, I know guys like a big blaze.  I saw a man go by on a trail behind my campsite and pick up a fairly good size "downed tree".  At the noisy campground were at least 12-15 pickup trucks and probably 25 young people - I'm sure they had a small chain saw to cut the wood they wanted.  For all the noise the campground quieted down about 5 or 5:30 pm, and all was well.  But they ran that saw or whatever it was for at least an hour!

I'm enjoying this trip and all the sights I'm seeing, but to tell the truth I'm a bit weary and just want to be in NY.  I doubt I'll ever make a trip alone like this again.  It would be so much better to share it.


  1. Sure glad you are feeling better. Your pitures are great. Enjoy them.

  2. Glad your ok, Gypsy... love that area and the UP is just a knockout... bridges don't bother me, I like them. I love feeling as though I'm driving across huge spans of water since I don't have a boat. I wish there were places on some of those long bridges that you could pull over and enjoy but no.

    take it easy ... you got a long way to go to NY. I really liked Door County, Wisconsin ~ can't remember whether you said you had been there or not.

    love those food co-op places and liked your pictures!

  3. Nice feeling to know you are felling better again. When you are in upper Michigan you will be just across Lake Huron from us. I think I would be hard pressed to make a long journey again by myself. Know what you mean by sharing it..............

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Love your pictures too.

  5. So glad to hear you're feeling better. You got some beautiful pictures of the lake. We've never spent any time in Michigan. Not sure how I'd feel about making a journey by myself. I think I'd be okay but it's been so many years, it's hard to know.

  6. Good to read that your feeling better. I don't think I could travel like you do. I like getting somewhere early and staying a few days before moving on again. I understand you have to be there by a certain day.

    But yes having someone to share the experience with is so much more fun.

    Your pictures are wonderful

  7. I am so glad you are feeling better. Really.

    I have to say Gypsy, just how admirable it is that you are doing this. I know you do it because YOU LIKE to do it, but to do it and share it with all of us.

    I know we can't be there in person, but know we're all there in spirit. It's a pretty cramped vehicle if you think about it.

    I really DO wish I was there. I have pie. ::wink::

    Hugs and much love. Always in my prayers. xo JG

  8. So glad you are feeling better. I am really loving going along on your trip and think you are handling it wonderfully and clearly seeing some beautiful sights. Your pictures today are great! Wish I could be there to cheer you on rather than having to do it from here.

  9. Somehow with work and all, I missed your last post. Sure glad you're feeling better.

  10. I hope you continue to feel better and get to NY soon. That way you will be around family. Take care and safe travels.

  11. I admire your traveling by yourself as well. If something happened to JB I am sure my traveling days would be over. I do NOT know how to read a map and don't trust my GPS lol. I do drive myself from Alberta every year to Arizona but I know JB will be at the next stop waiting at the end of the day

    Keep having fun and we are enjoying your trip