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Monday, August 26, 2013

I Made it!

I had talked to my son yesterday and told him I'd probably be there tomorrow (Tues.) and that I would try to camp overnight.  He phoned me when I was on the road this morning and said unless I was hell-bent on camping I should just come on to their house today.  He had figured the mileage was doable for me, and it was.  Once I arrived at the quick decision to make this my final day on the road, my spirits soared, my heart sang, and the car performed flawlessly!

I didn't leave the Sleepy Hollow Motel until 9 am as I talked with the owner for at least a half hour.  This motel is on U.S. 20 just east of Auburn, NY, and I mentioned it in my blog yesterday.  What a beautiful place - the absolute nicest motel room I have stayed in, probably in my life!  The relaxed atmosphere, the friendly owners, the rural scenery, the most comfortable mattress I've ever experienced in a motel - it was just so nice and so needed at the time I found it.  I will definitely try to stay there again - possibly on my way home from NY the NEXT time!  The motel is open from approximately May to October, depending on the weather and traffic.

I loved the bedspread in the room and took a photo - not your standard motel-type bed linens.

I got a business card from the Sleepy Hollow, and it gives their web site:

Auburn to the west and Skaneateles to the east are two great little towns that seem to have a lot to do - lots of little shops, museums, etc.  I don't like to shop much and museums and other attractions are more fun when you share them.

I stopped to take a couple of pictures in Skaneateles, but didn't stay long because I was in metered street parking and I didn't pay!

The skies were overcast all day, really dark part of the time, and it rained for about my last 50 miles. 

I had a wonderful trip here and experienced some new (to me) places along the way.  I did it exactly as I wished - as Frank Sinatra sings, "I did it my way!"


  1. Glad to hear you arrived safely. Enjoy your stay!

  2. Cool beans that you're at your destination.
    Might want to be a bit careful with that website, they don't know it but they have a Trojan embedded in their URL. My Kaspersky went all nutso. Glad to have it though.

  3. So happy to hear you have arrived. Now relax and enjoy yourself.

  4. Good for you doing it your way. Glad you made it there safely and in high spirits.

  5. Well old gal, we made it. Although you didn't give me much time to sit out on "da porch' sip'n up a cup. My bones ache, I got a headache, an' I ain't go'n no further. You drive too fast dad nab it.

    So glad all went well....consider'n. A nice rest an' you'll be back up to snuff in nuttin flat. Aches an' pains go away!!!

  6. Glad you made it safely and now can relax and enjoy your babies ;)

  7. "my spirits soared, my heart sang".....now that's a good day! Have a wonderful time with your family.

  8. Yippee! you made it. Now have a good time with the family.

  9. Good for you Gypsy & I'm glad you did it 'your way'. That's a long way to travel but what a nice personal goal to accomplish. Pretty darn nice feeling I'll bet when you arrived at your Son's house. Bravo:))

  10. Happy to hear! Have fun!

  11. You did have a great journey now you can relax and enjoy the your NY family.