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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thur., 8/22 - Lorain, OH

Today wasn't what I had hoped or expected, but it got me to where I am now.  The first part was along Lake Huron, mostly hidden by all the cottages and resorts on US23.  I would really like to return to this eastern shore of Michigan some day in the spring or fall.  

I had thought I would drive mostly on US23 until I got near Toledo and then switch briefly to I-75.  I misread a sign and ended up on I-75/US23 south, rather than plain old 23.  Interstate and freeway traffic has been terrible all day long, and even with all the road construction, closing two lanes, etc., the drivers still want to go over the 70mph limit.  I hate driving like that, plus there isn't anything pleasant to look at while you're driving.  I don't mind going through all the little towns, farmlands, etc. and prefer it to the mindless quest to get somewhere in a hurry.

Michigan is certainly Chevy country, especially the part I've traveled through today.  If I had a kid along I would have told him or her to count make of cars on the road, although that game is probably not played any more now that the kids watch DVD's while traveling.

I need to emphasize that in my post yesterday I was being facetious when I referred to hating Michigan.  I don't hate it at all, and never have.  The only exception was on Saturday afternoons during the 1960's and 1970's, and being a loyal fan of Woody Hayes Ohio State Buckeyes, I was obligated to hate Michigan once a week during football season!  Once Hayes was fired and television took over football (and ruined it in the process) I never liked football again, and so I never had a gripe with Michigan after that.  And I NEVER put a bumper sticker on my car with an unfavorable action towards Michigan in all those football years.  If there are any Ohioans of near my age reading this, you know which bumper sticker I'm referring to!  :~))))

I have to face it - I'm not a summertime traveler.  But I'm on a mission so I can do anything I need to do to celebrate Justin's birthday.

So now I'm in Ohio and after driving for 6 hours in less than optimum conditions, I'm worn to a frazzle!  I found a Motel 6 near Cleveland - comfortable, and located on the ground floor with my car parked right outside, I'm content.  There is a restaurant next door I'm going to check out for dinner (if I can stay awake).  This is a nice little room, and is actually the smallest motel room I can remember staying in.  For one who has lived in a 5th wheel and now lives in a pretty compact mobile home, I don't mind a small motel room, but then I don't mind the big ones either!

I'm hoping to get away from interstates as much as possible tomorrow, and possibly get close to Lake Erie.  I'm running a contest in my mind as to which Great Lake I prefer, but of course it is so subjective as to be worthless to anyone but me.  How I was feeling at the time, the views I got of the Lakes, the traffic, the weather, etc., all point to Lake Huron being my fave so far.  US23 is the perfect road from which to see it, the pull offs are spacious and if you miss the entrance you can slow down some more and turn in at the other end of the pull off road.  There are generous views of the lake from just about everywhere, but the pull offs are clean, spacious, and inviting you to take a good look.  We'll see where Erie fits in tomorrow.  That makes me realize to do it right, I need to view Lake Ontario, which will require some juggling of my schedule and route, but I'll probably do it.

Speaking of schedules and the record-keeping involved, I can tell they've been shot to hell and back!  I don't follow my own schedules if I feel like turning a different way, and by the time I crossed the Mississippi River (actually by the time I stepped into the Mississippi River) I was tired of recording every little detail and expense.  I have a handful of receipts, a lot of numbers jotted here and there, and what I miss I can probably pick up from my statement of charges.  I did look this afternoon when I stopped for the day and I have traveled about 4060 miles so far.  I think if I had gone up through Canada around Lake Superior as planned I would have gone well over 4500 miles for the total one way trip.

Highlights so far have been many and I'm so grateful for them all.  Right now I'm still on a high from crossing the Bridge, and wondering when and why I ever decided I couldn't do it.  It was fun and I was grinning ear to ear from one end of the bridge to the other.  Doing it early and with very little traffic was a plus.

I haven't had an opportunity to take any photos today, but I hope I can make up for that tomorrow.

I'm trying to read as many blogs as I can but I'm just not able to keep up with commenting.  It's not easy working out of a motel room or at a picnic table if and where I can get reception.

That's about it for now - do I take a quick nap or have another beer.  If I have another beer I'll probably get the nap too, so that might be a good deal.  It is so hard to unwind after this sort of day. 


  1. I'm taking the trip along with you.
    Two years ago we saw all five lakes and I'm so glad we did that, so continue on and be sure to take the time to see them.

    Travel safe!

  2. Hello! I am curious as to what method you use to write your posts?? I am in the market for either ipad or laptop to use when we hit the road..Thank you and God Bless you!

  3. You are having a great trip. I am sure the rest of it will go just as good.

  4. Stop and go interstate traffic just does me in. Traffic in general does me in. But you are having such a great trip. Seeing lots of places and trying to decide which ones are worth another visit would take up most of my spare time.

  5. Interstate travel is so wearing. Going so fast and nothing to look at. And road construction is never ending here in the Midwest. I have only seen Lake Michigan so can't compare to any other. Glad you found a motel for the night to get some good rest.

  6. Interstates are something I try my best to avoid unless I'm in a hurry.

    OR going through flat ... hot ... deserty kind of stuff.

    glad you got a comfortable room. good shower and sleep. ;)

  7. Gypsy were you am Ohio State Buckeye during Woody Hayes' tenure? I was and I never missed a football game. I can still sing the OSU fight song every word. And I hate football. That's what Woody could do to you. I too never watched it again after Woody was gone and it was ruined by becoming a big business. I felt the same way about Basketball a nd Dean Smith. I lived in Carolina then and saw Michel Jordan play as an undergrad. Anyway.... I am amazed at how far you are in what seems like so little time to me. What a great trip you are having! Beer leads to nap after freeway is a good slogan. I'll bet you followed it.

  8. Hope you had another beer. :)