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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tamarac Wildlife Refuge

I thought I was leaving the motel in Fargo fairly early, but when I turned on the ignition the light indicating loss of tire pressure came on.  I called the place that patched the tire yesterday and told them I was coming in to have them check it.  Although it was only a couple of blocks away I couldn't find it, and called them again from a gas station - turns out they were in the same building as the gas station and I was practically in front of them.

The technicians drove my car and checked the pressure in the tire, and reported to me that it was perfect, and that the tech yesterday didn't correctly reset the tire pressure system.  He really thought I would be wasting my money buying a new tire.  For some reason I am more quick to trust someone who doesn't want to sell me something he doesn't think I need.  I reiterated that I would be driving to Tamarac today, and on to New York via remote locations and away from interstates, and he repeated that he thought I'd be okay with the tire.

It was so great to see Judy again, and Emma as well, and the people from the refuge that I've met so far.  What a nice place to work!  Judy got a refuge truck and drove me around to see as much as we could today, and I've decided to stay another day here.  I'm set up in the bunkhouse which is a beautiful and spacious cabin.  No one else is here at present and I have the whole place to myself.

This evening Judy and Steve brought dinner - Steve bbq'd ribs and Judy furnished the cole slaw, watermelon, and Swedish ginger cookies for dessert.  Tomorrow we are having dinner at a nearby restaurant that features burgers.  
Here are some of the places we saw today:

If you click to enlarge, you can see the osprey next on the right side of the picture, and there is the bird in the tree in the center.  I can't pick out the bird in the photo although I saw it when I was there.

Judy will correct me if I'm wrong about this being an osprey nest.  The eagles make their next in a slightly different fashion and add to the same nest year after year; some nests have been found to weigh a tons or more!

I am so happy and excited to be here, and dinner and conversation with Judy and Steve was so enjoyable.  I look forward to another exciting day tomorrow and hope to get some good pictures.


  1. Judy, sounds like a great hostess and Steve a great host. Glad your staying an extra day give your body a good break.

  2. It's great to have you visit! Looking forward to tomorrow's visit to Itasca State Park. I had better get my lunch made before I hit the sack!

  3. What a wonderful and relaxing time for y'all. And yummy food to boot. [Always a fav' of mine, y'know!]

    Enjoy your stay, and please be safe.

    Thinking of you always. xo JG

  4. Glad you made it and are thoroughly enjoying yourself ;) what fun

  5. FANTASTIC! You arrived safely and now you and Judy and Emma are all together in one place. Now if I could just beam myself over there I'd be a VERY happy camper. Definitely sounds like fun going on. Hi to all and keep it up!!

  6. Oh, isn't it wonderful to see 'old' friends.... glad you both got to get together!! Sounds like good times.