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Friday, March 1, 2013

It's a gorgeous day!

I finished cleaning the paneling on the ceiling and am ready to start painting.  I'm tired of it already.  I've had to push furniture out of the way when cleaning overhead and everything is in real mess, but I can live with it for a day if I need to.   I think Jeanne is planning to help me out on Sunday.

Last night I happened to turn on the TV to the local public station and watched a show featuring the Irish Rovers.  They have been around a really long time and are now old guys but they can still sing the rousing Irish songs and beautiful ballads.  This particular show took place in Belfast as well as in the countryside of Northern Ireland.  Since I lived in the southwest of Ireland, just about on the line between Counties Cork and Kerry, I really knew very little about the terrain of the Northern Counties.  I did drive up to meet a friend in County Mayo and drove to Donegal for a day (northwest), but I'll have to say that from the show last night the north has some gorgeous scenery.  Now I'm really wishing I could go back for a visit, although I'd probably head straight for West Cork.

I wanted to clarify part of what I wrote yesterday about the Houston SPCA.  They are probably one of the largest animal welfare units in the country, and not only cover Harris county but several counties surrounding it - many thousands of square miles.  They have a lot of support in the way of people who foster animals until they are ready for adoption; equine clinics and experts; breed specific rescue organizations, local law enforcement and legal systems, and no doubt some really wealthy donors.  So for these and many more reasons, Houston SPCA can reach more animals in need, and provide more services than a smaller organization could.  No doubt all SPCA's do the best with what they have, but Houston clearly provides excellent and consistent treatment of the animals they encounter. 

Since I doubt I'll ever have another dog, I get my "doggie fix" by watching Animal Planet, and I've learned a lot about other animals as well. 

I just went outside to check my mailbox and can't believe how warm it is.  I knoe it won't stay this way for long, but it's great to have such pleasant weather. 



  1. It is supposed to get quite cool here tonight, so I will cover the plants. Send some of that warm air this way, will you?

  2. Coldest temps of the winter coming my way this weekend. Brrr!

    As frustrating as Emma can be, I appreciate her companionship. Are you sure about not having another dog?

  3. We are finally having some beautiful weather down here and I am so happy. My son and DIL are adopting a beagle mix from a shelter up in MT. Love it when someone rescues.

  4. They say we may have some temps up to 50 coming, Ya I am ready for that !!
    Good luck getting your painting done.

  5. I have painted a fair few walls in my time but never a ceiling. Painting a ceiling always just seemed like way too much darned work. If I don't like what I am doing, I'm just darned well not going to do it.........

  6. I too am admiring your spunk in taking on the ceiling. 47 here in Florida seems cold. Enjoy the warm. It won't be back here for nearly another week.