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Friday, September 18, 2009

What a time they had!

This group of Foretravel MH owners is a fun-loving group. This morning as I was walking Lady to the Piddle Park, I went past one MH and toad that were TP'd last night - and I mean completely wrapped! In addition, two pairs of ladies pink undies were clipped to the back of the MH. Walking back I saw another MH with a pair of silk boxers hanging from the antenna. I didn't actually hear a lot of whooping and hollering late into the night, but they are all of an age where you go to bed early and get up at a decent hour. I'm not used to being parked in the midst of motorhomes though, and heard noises all night that I identified this morning as either heat or air conditioning systems. Between that, the trucks on the nearby interstate, my aching ribs that I hurt over a week ago and seem to be getting worse, I could just barely remember the peace and quiet of the wilderness.

More later today, maybe.

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