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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What an exciting day (not)

I took Lady to a nearby park today - it's close to the motel, has a nice lake, and it was good to get outdoors for a while. I found a discount shoe store on my way back and bought a purse - a red purse because a red purse attracts money, and I could sure use some money!

While I was browsing the shoe store I got a call from the insurance agent who told me they will waive the $500 deductible. He's been in contact with Nu Wa, and I need to make a little visit to Nu Wa to see what they are doing. I don't want to be left out of the loop on this.

I then went to Walmart where I bought a lot of snacks. I do not usually snack, so you can tell that I am really bored. I even bought a Hershey bar which is something I do about once every 5 years!

So there you have it, another exciting day for Gypsy. I am reminded of an old song from way back, "We gotta get outta this place, if it's the last thing we ever do".



  1. Well, after reading your blog I am off to the store to buy 7 new purses - one for every day of the week -- I need lots of money!! lol

  2. Ohhh having a generator on board is just so darned convienent!

    Glad you ordered one right off the bat. So many times you might want to stay at certain rustic campgrounds because of the view, activities, or location but no hookups can make it limiting for many folks.

    We have also used ours to fire up the AC when traveling during the day and parking somewhere to make a lunch, take a nap or even help out someone in need.

    On a very hot Friday, we helped a family with a travel trailer and their van tow vehicle was disabled along a country road. We offered the very overheated mom and three small children to come and wait in the cool comfort of our AC in our rig. We were able to help them repair their van to limp into the next town, avoiding a costly tow.

    We ended up towing their trailer for them behind our MH, as they had been heading to the same campground we were!

    Having a generator is a handy tool, just like an air compressor, tire jack or whatever.

  3. ACK my post was for Dee's site! I had both your windows open to read and somehow I ended up filling YOUR comment box! Sorry!

  4. I need to go buy every RED purse in the county!
    It is wonderful that your insurance will waive the deductible! See the RED pursed worked. Gotta go, need to get shopping for all those purse's
    Travel safe. Love your blog!