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Monday, September 28, 2009

Inching my way across the map

Knowing that I would be entering the Eastern time zone today I got up an hour earlier and left an hour earlier. When I got to Indianapolis I couldn't believe it. The only thing I recognized in old NapTown is the skyline. It's been a while since I've been there and in the meantime they must have redone every overpass and underpass, every interstate, and every sign. It was very easy to follow the signs and get through the city. Maybe it's a midwestern thing, but I felt that Kansas City, St. Louis and now Indianapolis are very well signed. We'll see about Columbus tomorrow.

After I was well away from Indianapolis I began looking for a campground. There was a KOA and I would have stopped, except the ramp was right in the middle of some heavy road work and I didn't want to deal with it. I got off several miles later, and the camper sign at the end of the ramp had arrows pointing both ways, so I turned right. Bad move. I drove through miles of fast food restaurants, Walmart, Krogers, every kind of store imaginable. Shopping meccas such as that make me really nervous, and I just can't wait to get away from it all. When I finally found a big parking lot and got myself turned around I said "No thanks" to looking for the other campground. So on I drove.

About 20 miles later a sign informed me that camping was available at the next exit, and the sign pointed me to the left. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a Jellystone Resort! My God in heaven, I have nothing against Jellystone, Yogi Bear, playgrounds, or any of that, but not when I'm trying my best to get across the country without any more mishaps. But I am tired and my eyes were starting to zone out every now and then, so I thought I would try it. First off, it was a nearly impossible right turn at an acute angle, at least for a pickup and 5ver, so I drove on to look for a place to turn around. The Garmin was going absolutely crazy! At last I came to a small town and gave in to Ms. Garmin's instructions to turn right and then turn right. In the end, I came to where I recognized that I should turn left to go back in the direction I came from, and her panicky cry was still pleading with me to turn right. You should have heard her when I went down the Jellystone Road.

There was no ranger on duty and it was self registration. I was supposed to select a site before daring to drive another inch on their property, but I didn't have anyone stopping me so I drove to where the pull thru sites are located, selected one, and then went back with the envelope. I tried hard to level up but finally gave up. I am a bit low on the doorside so I may just pull in that slide tonight. The wind is blowing fiercely as it has been since I've entered the Heartland. I'm only hooked up to electricity - figuring I will just use the water pump for any water I need. I still have a lot of Lassen water in my fresh tank, and besides, I want to get out of here early in the morning.

I stopped for fuel today and the signs said "trucks only" on the good side, so I figured they had to have diesel somewhere in the auto section. The canopies were all very high, and I thought I could get in and out ok. Only the pump on the far end had diesel, and it was blocked by a truck! I had to back up, which involved a lot of thinking, turning the wheel, correcting the truck, thinking-turning-correcting, over and over. I felt like everyone within a mile was watching me make a fool of myself. It would have been easier, but I had to back up in the direction where a car was parked, so I needed to get the 5th wheel angled just right. Eventually I did it and felt like going someplace else where no one could have witnessed my dilemma. By then there were very few semis in the truck section so I just pulled in, got my diesel, paid the bill and swung around and out. A year ago I would have found myself begging a trucker to get me pointed in the right direction. By now, I don't look pretty but at least I'm doing it myself!

A couple of readers have expressed an interest in my campground from last night - the really great one. Here is the info on it:
Timber Trails Camp-In
1276 Matts Ln.
Mulberry Grove IL 62232

Be aware it is about 2 miles from the interstate, and you must make a left turn when you get to Mulberry Grove. I thought that was what the sign said, but wasn't sure until I got there.


  1. You are getting good at this! I always look forward to your Blog. Al from the Bayfield Bunch Blog pointed in your direction a long time ago and I am glad he did.

  2. We've stayed at the Timber Trails campground too.

    Good for you getting in and out of the gas station!

  3. Now if I could only learn to level the 5ver by myself. I always miss the boards entirely or get one tire on and one off.

  4. Keep on trying with the leveling. You are getting more and more experience all the time. You'll master the technique I'm certain of it!

  5. Great Job, Gypsy! Just think of all the miles you covered in the last week!

    (a hint for the leveling boards... if you back a little bit further into the site than needed, then set the boards in front of the trailer tires right up tight to the treads... get back in the truck and pull forward onto the boards.... just move your truck ahead the exact length of your boards --- I watch the ground right out the side window and move ahread just enough to know where the tires should end up. It helps if you cut the edge off the end of the board so its a bit angled, easier for the tire to crawl up onto the board without scooting it ahead of the tire)

  6. Might have to get board stretcher & re-work them there boards a bit. Somebody told me to get one when I was 16 & I'm still lookin for it:))
    Your doing great out there Gypsy & like I've said before, you are an inspiration to all of us. I've enjoyed your blog right from the day I came across it because I like your down to earth spirit & honesty. You go girl!!