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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watchig paint dry

For the last hour and a half I have been trying to get my computer to do something, and I've never seen it so slow. It worked ok when I checked my mail before leaving the campground this morning, so it must be the area I'm in. It's like watching paint dry.

Today was overcast all day and turned to a misty rain by the time I got to northern Ohio. It is also cold and windy. I drove about 5 hrs, finally stopping at a campground in Kent, Ohio, pretty close to the PA border. No problems today except finding a gas station, which I did this morning but this afternoon was another story. I'll find a place to get it tomorrow morning.

I was amazed at the Columbus skyline. When I was growing up Columbus had no skyline, although it had a hella football stadium, and the best state fair in the country. Traffic was heavy all day and especially so in and around Columbus, and the signing was terrible, I thought, especially after Kansas City. Ohio has vastly improved their cloverleafs and overpasses though. They have always been functional looking, but not very aesthetically pleasing, so it's an improvement.

I thought a lot about gypsies today. Throughout the ages they have been looked down on (except as expert horsemen) and reviled. In Ireland and Great Britain they are called Travellers, or Tinkers, and are often discriminated against. When I was growing up in Cincinnati the infamous Williamson Clan would gather each year at Memorial Day to visit their deceased loved ones who are buried there, and to make some money, sometimes resurfacing driveways with a substance that washed off during the next rain. Instead of horse-drawn caravans they now drive Cadillacs. I have always been fascinated by them.

RVers, full time and part time, are modern day gypsies, and our love for being on the move and our disdain for remaining in one spot too long puts us on the side of the gypsies, as I see it. No doubt there are folks who distrust anyone who is on the move all the time, whether in a $350k motorhome or a modest trailer. Many people are quite envious of our spirit even though they don't understand it at all.

So I say hooray for all the gypsies in the world, driving horse drawn caravans, Cadillacs, one-ton pickups with trailers attached, and whatever. We share a love of adventure and for going the way our spirit calls us to see this beautiful world. Now I wonder if I could set up a fortune telling booth in the campground.


  1. My 80+ Aunt in Florida once told me our family has a Gypsy connection going way back. She didn't say anymore about it & I didn't pursue it. I just simply like to pleasantly think that is where my 'hitch-itch' comes from:)) Don't know if Gypsy folks are good at watching paint dry though......

  2. I loved this post, Gypsy. You are right, most folks don't understand this desire of RVer's to just get out there and see things. I will never tire of going places and seeing things...and re-seeing them again if needed. Thanks for the wonderful message.