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Friday, September 25, 2009

Back in Service!

In just five days the wonderful folks at Nu Wa have the Gypsy back on the road in her caravan! The repairs look pretty good and I will take pictures and post them - when I'm on my desktop. What really surprised me was the inside panel - the original paneling was called "Navajo Sand" and the substitute for the damaged panel is called "Pavilion Sand". I would never notice the difference, myself.

I am going to appreciate the extra valve they put on the waste water pipe - it's a handle about two feet from the end of the pipe, so I will hook up the hose, pull the handle and then open the valve for whatever tank I want to empty, and reversing it when disconnecting. That, plus the new end cap on the pipe, should eliminate the annoying drip. I think I will definitely plan to come through Chanute next year and will make a reservation ahead of time to have some things checked and fixed. I just didn't have any idea of what my out-of-pocket costs would be, so I didn't dare run up the bill this time. I can say that Nu Wa is truly a wonderful company, and I'm very happy with the insurance company. The insurance policy says it is Allied Insurance, but in reality it is Nationwide.

So I need to get going and start loading my stuff back into the 5ver. I brought a lot into the motel with me anticipating at least two weeks out of commission. Before going to Nu Wa I stopped at Walmart to get some new CD's, and to get diesel.

Tomorrow I will head for Merriam KS, where I will stay at Walnut Grove RV Park and visit with Natasha and Boris. About 160 miles, it will be a leisurely day for me, but I hope to be in NY by the 2nd of October. I've called the one campground near where my son lives, and made arrangements for the month of October. Things are looking up - now if I can only stay out of trouble in fueling up, making turns, etc. It's almost frightening how something that seemed so terrible at first, turned out so well in the end.


  1. Terrible happenings sometimes have a nice way of doing that & it's a bonus feeling for anyone when it does. Safe travels Gypsy & next time your in Wally World get yourself a spray can of scratch & dent just in case....:))

  2. That's great news that you're on the way again. That also means you may be able to get into chat. I'm so glad you're out of the motel room.

  3. Good news, gypsy!

    We have one of those extra shut offs for the black tank too and it works well.

  4. I am so glad for you. Back on the road and getting ready to travel again. Such good news and I am happy for you. All turned out good in the end.

    Sure wish I could come with you. If I had the money right now I would hook up my little rig and hit the road for a short trip.

    Stay safe and have fun. Later Hugs

  5. So good to catch up with your blog again, and to find that you are back on the road and all fixed up. I'll be anxious to hear where in NY you end up,.. I'm in the far northern Adirondack area. Would be great to meet! Safe traveling to you!