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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Already I'm bored

and so is Lady. We are used to sitting outdoors in the morning, or in fact, most of the day. Once I get my truck unhitched I will look for a park, although I think rain is expected for the next week. I tried to go to sleep early last night but it just wasn't happening, so I turned the tv on and found the history channel. I sure don't want to get used to watching tv out of boredom!

I got a comment on yesterday's blog from Al of the Bayfield Bunch, who remarked on the big difference between being in Lassen park and a motel room. That made me think of what my mom must have felt at age 18 coming from a farm, no electricity or running water, to the city of Cincinnati. She returned to visit her folks every year, and my dad talked her into moving our family there for a short time, but she was never interested in going back to farm life. She could never understand my desire to go backpacking, and was slightly horrified when I set off to try to make it from Georgia to Maine in one go. Looking back on that trip, I don't remember really desiring anything I couldn't carry with me, but I did develop a reverence for water that I still retain to this day. And hot, running water? Words can't express how I feel about it, but "worshipful" comes close.

It is really warm outside and there is no place to walk except through the fields around the motel or on the highway. So I came back inside and back to the History channel - I have learned more than I thought I wanted to know about the Knights Templar, the Masonic Order, Angels & Demons, DaVinci Code, etc. I think I've seen some of the programs before and it is surprising that they are still running them. I absolutely won't watch cable news anymore, and the weather channel is unsettling. "Today in Phoenix . . . and now for the Northeast . . . while in the Ohio Valley . . .and Texas is . . ." Why can't they start out in one part of the country, preferably on one Coast or the other, and move in an orderly fashion with the weather forecasts.

I will have gone a little bonkers before I'm out of this place!


  1. I share your feelings about watching TV. So much a waste and yet millions of dollars is spent probably each day to produce such waste. I think of all the children and the needy homeless it could take care of. I guess my priority's are different.

    If you can get it try the Discovery channel or the Food channel. When we had TV access those plus the History channel were what we watched.

    We have not had TV on over a year now. We are trying to economize and I didn't want to pay the bill for all the stupidity that is on there now. I have my laptop and link to a router in the neighborhood. So I can get the weather channel when we need it. We watch DVD's, read and talk. It has been so much more enjoyable and I am glad we have no TV access.

    You take care. I will be thinking of you. Keep us posted on the RV. Later I posted some more picture's on my blog.

  2. We've had to stay in a motel a couple of times when we needed RV repairs. Nothing will make you appreciate your own RV home more than a motel! Hang in there and you'll be back "home" soon.

  3. I know what you mean about hot running water. My daily 'boil myself like a lobster' shower is the biggest thing I miss about leaving home. If I was in a motel room I think 'brainstorming' blog ideas' in a hot shower would be high on my list of things to do:))

  4. We start our fulltime adventure in two days. The one thing I am really concerned about is the long hot showers that I love....